Basic Meditation Course

Thursday 20 October 2022 om 15:00 tot Thursday 01 December 2022 om 17:00

Spiritueel Centrum Utrecht | Mandira, Maliebaan 70A, 3581 CV Utrecht, Nederland

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An Introduction to Meditation

A 4 week course offered at Mandira Spiritual Centre, Utrecht

Over the past decade, most of us have got to hear more and more about the benefits of meditation.
Including a meditation practice in our daily lives is often recommended, to relieve stress, tensions and bring greater peace of mind.
Both long term meditators and scientists interested in the effects of meditation have evidence to show that the way our brains function can be influenced to improve the quality of our lives. A regular practice of meditation is one of the well known ways to achieve this.

In this series of 4 sessions you will be introduced to some well known meditation techniques from different traditions.
The course is structured for beginners who have little or no experience of meditation and are looking for ways to orient themselves in the different teachings to find out which works best for themselves in their current situation in life.

The excercises are suitable for people who suffer from chronic pain and those who are unable to sit up for long periods of time. These practices can be done sitting cross legged on the floor/cushion or sitting on a chair.

All sessions will begin with a short introduction to what the technique is about and which tradition it comes from. We may also do a few breathing excercises or yoga movements to prepare the body for meditation.

At the end of each session there will be time for question and answers about the practice and also to exchange with each other about our experience during the practice.

The sessions will be conducted in English by Sumati Nair.

Sumati comes originally from S.India and has a Masters degree in Indian philosophy. She is a trained Iyengar yoga teacher. She has been teaching asana practice, yoga philosophy and meditation over the past 20 years in different yoga schools and yoga teacher training programmes in the Netherlands. She is a longstanding practitioner of meditaion and wishes to share her insights.

Dates: Thursday Oct.20; Nov. 3; 17; Dec.1
Time: 15 to 17 hrs
Place: Mandira Spiritual Centre, Maliebaan 70 A,3581 CV Utrecht
Cost: Euro 105 for 4 sessions

To register for this course go to this link

For more information
please send an email to or call: 06-30245645

☆Practical info☆

You will receive an infomail a couple of days before the course.
Please watch your spambox in case you don’t see it right away.

☆What to bring?☆
Ware something which makes you comfy.
If it’s cold, we have blankets. We have mats and pillows.
You can always bring your own.
Also bring a bottle for water if you like to.

☆Time & date schedule☆

Day 1: Thursday October 20
15:00u 17:00u

Day 2: Thursday November 3
15:00u 17:00u

Day 3: Thursday November 17
15:00u 17:00u

Day 4: Thursday December 1
15:00u 17:00u

Maliebaan 70a Utrecht


Monday - Satruday
-In front of the door: €4,39/hour
- You can park cheaper if you are willing to walk 5 min. to Mandira. You can park in the street called Wolter Heukelslaan.
€3,12/hour(21,92 for a whole day) en 10,22 per evening (from 19:00)
-If you walk 20 - 25 min you can park for free (google via parkingzones Utrecht)
Sunday – Free parking

☆Getting there by train & bus
You can come by train and easily reach Mandira by bus or NS-bike.
Within a 10 min ride you will be there.

☆Cancelation policy☆
After buying a ticket for this course/event, a refund is not possible.
Only in a very rare case we can arrange something. If that is the case, please mail us.

If you feeling sick, or you have symptoms of COVID, we ask you to not join that day.

Thursday 20 October 2022 om 15:00 tot Thursday 01 December 2022 om 17:00

Spiritueel Centrum Utrecht | Mandira, Maliebaan 70A, 3581 CV Utrecht, Nederland

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Over de organisatie

“You only have to Be, to join us 🙏🏼”

Mandira vormt een centrum voor bewustwording waar ruimte is voor community, verbinding, beoefening van spiritualiteit en persoonlijke ontwikkeling


Joscelyne Williams

Mantra’s bij Mandira - Met Marc & Romee

Cozy, warm, welcoming and beautiful. Thank you 🙏🏼❤️

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Natasja Slop

Mantra Zingen @Kraaybekerhof

Fantastisch onbezorgd genieten, met een open hart en enorme energieboost ben ik 24uur later nog steeds zo dankbaar dat ik hierbij aanwezig kon zijn 🤗

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Klaas-Aart Kok

Mantra Zingen @Kraaybekerhof

Het was een magische avond in een magische omgeving.🙏🏻💚

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4 meetings of 2 hours.

€ 105,55
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Basic Meditation Course

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