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Mindfulness in Nature Day Retreat: Tea Ceremony, Meditation,Walk,Dance

Sunday 24 September 2023 van 11:00 tot 17:00

Flevoland, Netherlands

Over dit evenement

Join us for a special day retreat to enjoy the last brighter days in nature, in mindfulness, and in community. As well as celebrating the beginning of the Fall season restoratively and ceremonially. We'll guide you through a blissful journey of connection to yourself, others and nature through intentions, ceremonies, meditation, sounds, forest bath and ecstatic movement.

We will begin our Sunday together with slowing down and savouring the moment as we enjoy a beautiful and ancient tea ceremony. Through guided mindfulness meditation we'll take some time to ground in our bodies and in the Earth and come deeper into presence with ourselves. From there, we'll enjoy a mindful forest walk and playful invitations to appreciate and take in the surrounding nature in an intimate way. These nature connection practices support awakening all of our senses and enjoying the healing benefits of nature really enhancing our sense of peace and vitality.

We’ll take some time to enjoy a nourishing picnic together. We will have some snacks on offer and please also bring something to share to eat and drink and stay well nourished.

In the afternoon, we will move into an inner sound journey, beginning with mindfulness & movement to connect with ourselves and one another. We will then dive into an ecstatic dance set by DJ Leela while feeling feet on the grass and the warmth of the air. And finally take some time to end our journey and for those who wish to stay on continue connecting and sharing more after the ceremony.

The day retreat is perfect for anyone who longs to enjoy being outdoors in the late summer days and resting together, in a conscious way with a like-minded community. We will enjoy together a deeply nourishing, blissful & restorative moment through the combination of Tea Ceremony, Sitting & walking Meditation, Handpan Sound Journey & Nature Connection Practices, Movement & Dance. A complete experience in ceremony exploring all the textures and senses moving from Yin to Yang, from stillness & being within ourselves to movement & connection to nature and community.

This co-creation between LeilArts & Experience Mindfulness is born out of our shared love for mindful living, harmony and nature as well as sharing in community in an authentic, playful, creative and wholesome way. Our first event together before the summer was such a lovely moment so we are now looking forward to extend the mindful outside nature journey with an ecstatic dance/movements flow outdoors set from DJ/Musician Leela.

Further practicalities:

Meet-up location: 52.3597854, 4.9478884 (just copy and paste in Google map, it's in Flevopark on a remote grass area, with a secret forest path nearby).
Please arrive before 11:00 as the ceremony will start on time.

Note: in case the weather doesn't allow to host this event, we will try our best to re-schedule, or any bought tickets will be fully refunded.

Feel free to reach out if you have any financial difficulty at the moment, we will try to make it work.

Check our our websites/social media:


With love,
Marjorie, Leila and Bart

Sunday 24 September 2023 van 11:00 tot 17:00

Flevoland, Netherlands

Over de organisatie


JOY & PURPOSE THROUGH MINDFULNESS, COMMUNITY & NATURE! Join our mindfulness trainings, deep ecology circles, nature walks and retreats.

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Mindfulness in Nature Day Retreat: Tea Ceremony, Meditation,Walk,Dance

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