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Experience Mindfulness

JOY & PURPOSE THROUGH MINDFULNESS, COMMUNITY & NATURE! Join our mindfulness trainings, deep ecology circles, nature walks and retreats.



Experience Mindfulness

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Tuesday, 02 Jul. om 18:30
Awaken Your Divine Feminine Power: A Healing Circle for Women
Experience Mindfulness
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Over de organisatie

My mission is to invite joy and purpose into our lives through living in harmony with ourselves, others and nature. My medicine is creating healing and nourishing spaces within which I invite you to experience mindfulness, nature connection and deep ecology practices in community.

We live in a time where we are called to evolve our way of being in the world, how we relate to ourselves and the world around us. Our modern way of living has become increasingly individualistic, fast-paced, automatic, disconnected and sadly often destructive to our wellbeing and the planet. We are invited to move away from this unsustainable paradigm into a more nurturing, authentic, collaborative and aligned way forward, one that takes care of our own well-being whilst contributing to that of others and of our environment. One that sustains and regenerates Life rather than depletes it. This deep transformation towards a way forward that regenerates us, our communities and the natural world is our greatest mission at this time on Earth.

I believe it is essential to have restorative spaces where we can heal, grow and reinvent ourselves. Spaces where we can connect deeply to ourselves, others and Nature to experience clarity, empowerment and purpose in our actions. Let’s contribute to a healthier ecosystem for our own vitality, the sake of our communities and that of generations to come!

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Experience Mindfulness

  • Elodie Ly Tri
    Breathwork Ceremony

    Incredible experience with a wonderful guide, Marjorie.

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    28 April 2024 om 10:58
  • Manus
    Breathwork Ceremony

    Marjorie was a great facilitator for this session. Lovely location, good vibes and a deep breathing journey!

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    26 April 2024 om 09:50
  • Sofia Mourato
    Active Hope Circles

    It was a wonderful experience to spend almost one year getting to know how to better connect with nature and humans. Marjorie's passion and authenticity glued us together, she is naturally in sync with nature and can share it with the wisdom of an ancestor.

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    21 April 2024 om 19:14

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