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Healing Breathwork in Heerenveen

Wednesday 30 November 2022 van 19:00 tot 21:00

Rinkelbom, Zwanedrift 2, 8446 KS Heerenveen, Nederland

Over dit evenement

Helena welcomes you in this conscious space to explore the healing power of your breath. Through conscious connected breathing, we will make deep contact with the body, let go of mental and emotional tension, and boost the connection with ourselves and everything around.

This session is beginners-and-expert-friendly.

Please come on time, bring a blanket, a journal, and water :)

Wednesday 30 November 2022 van 19:00 tot 21:00

Rinkelbom, Zwanedrift 2, 8446 KS Heerenveen, Nederland

Over de organisatie

“Using everyday life, and relationships as our teachers- as entrances for growth.”

Integrated Tantra is a flourishing organisation with the mission to bring transformative practices from the mat into everyday life. Ready to be real?




Loved the session! The atmosphere and connection Helena created, in an online environment, was safe and warm. Her guidance was in the right balance between softly instructing and giving us space in silence. Perfect music background too. Thank you!

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Unfolding Essence - Weekend immersion

Dear all, thank you for this beautiful experience. I feel that it is really contributing to my progress in accepting and healing myself. Also, thank you for the wonderful food, the playful, challenging and sometimes awkward exercises and your guidance throughout the whole weekend.

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Sanne Rijpkema

Healing Breathwork

Helena brought an accepting and welcoming atmosphere, where everyone dared to be vulnerable. The setting and music was very nice. Thank you for this breath work journey, Helena!

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Healing Breathwork in Heerenveen

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