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Breathwork & More

Sunday 30 June 2024 van 14:30 tot 17:00

M.Y.journey, Pomonaplein 49A, 2564 XS Den Haag, Netherlands

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The Tibetans are calling the lungs “the little Earth”, highlighting its vital role in our body. From the very first breath when being born, the lungs are the center of our life force, until our very last one when leaving our physical body.

Consciously connecting to our breath and tapping into its power creates space to dive deeper within ourselves.


Each breathwork circle is different. We usually choose a certain focus, which might set the tone for your unique breathing experience in a beautiful, small setting with 12 spots.

Together we prepare body & mind by some simple Yoga poses/movement, meditation and other possible exercises. In a caring and safe setting we take you on your breathing journey.


Conscious Connected Breathwork (Verbonden Ademhaling) differs in the technique from the Yogic Pranayama. It connects inhalations and exhalations (via mouth) without pausing in-between for a longer period. This deep breathwork brings more oxygen to your muscles, tissues and cells and you are getting literally more air.

It can feel very intense, bringing up and releasing unprocessed emotions, old traumas or tensions. It can also feel joyful, creating space and a much-needed reset from daily life.

Trust that you are totally safe and that your breath is guiding you. It only brings to you what is serving you and you are capable of in that moment.


Contraindications - please reach out before booking if you are pregnant, early postpartum or recovering from recent surgery, experiencing acute psychological complaints, epilepsy, glaucoma, heart/vascular diseases or high blood pressure.

Cancellation policy – ticket is transferable, only.


We are Marko & Angelika and can't wait to breathe with you.
Find out more about us via https://verbondenvrij.nl/ & https://matlove.nl/

Sunday 30 June 2024 van 14:30 tot 17:00

M.Y.journey, Pomonaplein 49A, 2564 XS Den Haag, Netherlands

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“Step on your mat and fall madly in love.”

... your journey of yourself through yourself to yourself.


Santoesha Autar

Breathwork & More

Een fijne en rustgevende ervaring die mij dichterbij mijzelf brengt.

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Raimond Baas

Breathwork & More

Bij binnenkomst gelijk al een warm welkom op een hele fijne locatie. Zeer fijne opbouw om volledig te landen en ontspannen de verbonden ademhaling te starten. Fijne uitleg en begeleiding en een mooie groepsenergie. Voor herhaling vatbaar. 🙏🙏 gr. Raimond Baas

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Silke Van Durme

One Day Retreat

Angelika is the best yoga teacher/spaceholder I know. Any event of hers is just a massive treat to yourself, you'll leave relaxed, warm, with new insights, inspired, ... all of it!

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Breathwork & More

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