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Restorative Medicine Day Retreat in Amsterdam

Saturday 25 November 2023 van 13:30 tot 20:00

The Breathing Space, Van Kinsbergenstraat 50, 1057 PS Amsterdam, Netherlands

Over dit evenement

Enjoy your Saturday at Restorative Medicine Day Retreat in a beautiful oasis in Amsterdam. Here, in this yoga temple we will take you on a journey for your body and mind. If you are looking for an active rest but can’t schedule the whole weekend for it, we have just the right solution for you. No need to leave the city. Just take a deep breath, put some comfy clothes, get on your bike and join us.

This retreat can help move through challenging emotions, energies and bring back present moments. It will also help quiet the mind in the busy world we live in, and brings creative insights & new patterns into daily life, that we can not often express through only words. Together, we wish to find a safe, sacred and connected resting space for deep healing, emotions, manifestation and call in prayers/wishes for the future.

During the day, you will have a chance to experience a healing and heart opening Blue Lotus Ceremony with the calming sounds of crystal bowls during Sound Healing session, connect with your body through Ayurvedic Self-love Massage Ritual, have a delicious, vegan and healthy lunch, work with your intuition, expand your creativity and collective power by co-creating Nature Mandala accompanied with live sounds of voice and instruments. Lunch, snacks and tea/water will be served throughout.

The Flow of the Day:

-- Blue Lotus Tea Ceremony with Meditation
-- Live Sound Journey and Healing
-- Ayurvedic Self-love Massage Ritual
-- Collective Nature Mandala Creation with Intuitive Singing

Blue Lotus Tea Ceremony with Meditation

“From the depths of the celestial waters of nu at the dawn of Creation, the blue lotus arose…The sacred flower was said to elevate the consciousness and attune it to the highest spiritual mind, aiding one in attaining a vision of one’s role in the infinite scheme of things through deep meditation… In meditation practices the lotus links to the crown chakra that opens the mind for contact with higher mind….” Symbols for Magic, Divination & Dreamwork.

Blue Lotus plants have been used ceremonial wise and for medicinal purposes back in Ancient Egypt. As universal as nature, we would like to bring this sacred plant in the form of an ancient tea ceremony, and together integrate those ancient wisdoms into our daily life. Through challenging time and space as it is now, the essence of the blue lotus flower is tickling our awareness with a majestic and mystical touch to support our being within the process of healing, purification, transformation and a deep feeling of divinity. Drinking with intention, the lotus transforms/shifts the lower energy into higher, going from root to crown, resembling the natural growth of the flower. This is functional plant medicine (non-psychedelic) through a milder amount, but you will be likely to feel the effect of heart-opening, relaxation and peace within.

Sound Journey

Sound healing and Sound bath in groups can enable and guide us into a deep trance moment of being. Much akin to lucid dreaming, it is a very present state a right here and now, moving between being firmly grounded yet travelling through the ether like substance of our subconscious. We ourselves as well as everything around us, is at its core in constant vibration.Sound healing, wave by wave brings us closer to that state of calmness and feeling of completeness that every human longs for in their journey of life.One of the big advantages of the session is unlocking a creativity and brings serenity into your system.

Ayurvedic Self-love Massage Ritual

Our bodies are storing lot of emotions and are a source of important information about ourselves.Through this Ritual we will get into close contact with them. With a help of a gentle touch followed by guided auto massage based on Ayurvedic whole body treatment Abhyanga. By this physical awareness given to ourselves we can work with our nervous system soothing it and winding it down.The Ritual will be followed with a guidance of Ayurveda, an ancient natural medicine, originating in India, around 3000 years ago, whose knowledge has been passed on through generations verbally as well as written in the ancient language of Sanskrit. Wear comfortable clothes, giving access to your neck, cleavage and collarbones.

Collective Nature Mandala Creation with Intuitive Singing

We believe our intuition and creativity is so natural and powerful to the well-being of our soul. Especially when we create with intention and together with nature elements, and it becomes a beautiful ritual that helps us tap into our wise, inner guidance and allows us to become more intimately present with ourselves and life.The mandala to be created towards the end of the retreat will capture and memorize the processes we experienced through the day. We will share some moments of witnessing the collective creation with praying and intuitive singing to together send the love and bring the awareness to the broader fields. Art materials and nature elements will be provided. No previous art or creative experience required. Feel free to bring your own natural material to be a part of the Collective Nature Mandala.

This Retreat is especially for who:

-- Anyone who feels a need of rest and be taken care of
-- Anyone who wants to experience something new and magical just by themselves or with the close ones (partner, friend, parent)
-- Anyone who wanted to go away on retreat but doesn’t have possibility to leave the city
-- Anyone who would like to enter the Fall season healthy, mindfully and restoratively
-- Anyone who needs to come back to their essence and reset from regular life into presence
-- For everyone, no meditation or art experience necessary. This is for all genders, all backgrounds, all levels of experiences.

Date and Place: Saturday, 25th of November, 13:30-20:00, The Breathing Space
Exchange: Early birds until October 31; Regular price €115

The Facilitators:

Agata is a Sound therapist, Medicine Woman, Ayurvedic massage therapist & Ayurvedic therapist. She is a founder of Agata Wholistic Touch, a space for relaxation for your body & mind. After several years of shamanic training to expand her work with music as medicine, Agata now works with voice, body & sound, offering reconnecting with your voice workshops, sound bath sessions and shamanic ceremonies (cacao and truffles). Learn more and connect with Agata on Instagram @agata.wholistic.touch or at www.agata-wholistic-touch.com

Leila is an artist with a vision to make arts of life, with her roots from both the East and West. She is practicing Tao (to embody the way of nature within ourselves) and focusing on guiding Plant Medicine and intuitive arts journeys combined with embodiment. She is also hosting a variety of ancient Tea Ceremonies. Learn more and connect with Leila on Instagram @leilaarts_teaceremony , @leilarts_ecstaticarets & her website www.leilarts.com

Saturday 25 November 2023 van 13:30 tot 20:00

The Breathing Space, Van Kinsbergenstraat 50, 1057 PS Amsterdam, Netherlands

Over de organisatie

“Everyone is an artist.”

To make arts and dance with life, for both the bright and dark sides. To co-create and share holistic events with you and nature. Amsterdam-based.

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Agata Wholistic Touch



Carolina Assis Jesus

Ancient Pu'er Tea Ceremony with Handpan Sound Journey at Mahara Yurt

The ceremony was very relaxing and cozy. Loved the tea and the music and the yurt was so welcoming. Thank you for the wonderful journey!

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Orysia Sai

Medicine Mushroom Tea Ceremony & Handpan Sound Journey in Mahara Yurt

It was wonderful journey, Big thanks for Masters.

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Restorative Medicine Day Retreat in Amsterdam

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