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Sacred Sister Circle - Authentic Relating & the Power of Sisterhood

Friday 11 August 2023 van 19:00 tot 22:00

Kanaalweg 84A, 3533 HG Utrecht, Nederland

Over dit evenement

Flowering Women Workshops:
- deeper connections - empowerment - freedom - pleasure - joy - nourishment -
- authentic relating - sound expressions - dance - conscious touch -

You are welcome to come and explore different ways of connecting deeper, in ways that are healing, fun, opening and nourishing from within, in a supportive space of sisters. Experience the power of the medicine of sisters coming together to share, support and learn from one another. Only through sisterhood are we able to drop in so deeply into our being to feel who we truly are. To come home into our bodies. To blossom fully.

You will be guided into authentic relating practices, dance, conscious touch, and sound expressions. You will leave feeling nourished, empowered and alive, with a deepening sense of sisterhood. You will be reminded of the woman you are. Flowering into the woman you came here to be.

What can you expect?

These workshops are intentional spaces, to experience practices for deeper, authentic, meaningful and enlivening connections, freedom, joy, support, open heart. A space to be fully welcomed and heard and seen as you are.

Each session, we will be exploring different topics to be shared and experienced, such as nourishment, desires, boundaries, pleasures, triggers, presence, body positivity, receiving & giving, sensuality, all with the intention to feel more of who we are, to welcome more of who we are, to connect and relate from a deeper place. To live and feel more free and empowered and alive.

You will gain - skills and tools you can immediately apply in your daily relationships, to create more intimacy, - Takeaway games, conversations, and exercises you can share and practice with others in your life - An opportunity to build connection, friendship and community

Every Flowering women workshop is unique but in every workshop you can expect elements and exercises from authentic relating, sound expressions, conscious touch, nourishment, heart connections, practices in presence, sharing, listening, movement and sisterhood.

✦ Opening Circle & Intention Setting
✦ Heart Opening Connection exercises
✦ Awakening Connective Dance
✦ Sound Healing
✦ Nourishing Touch
✦ Sisterhood

Practical information
Kanaalweg 84a,
3533HG Utrecht
Free parking next to the building
15 min. walk from central station

Fri Aug. 11
Workshop is from 19.00 - 22.00
walk-in from 18.45 am we start at 19.00 at the latest
workshop ends at 22.00 pm after 22.00 is open space for after chill, departure at the latest at 23.00

✦ investment
€19,50- per workshop

For any questions: connect@floweringwomen.com

✦ Stefanie Leysner
Stefanie is passionate about creating spaces where we are welcomed and celebrated.
To explore different ways to create intimacy and profound connections. To build relationships that are nurturing, supporting and uplifting.
She is trained in Voice Liberation, Breath-work, Tantra Massage, LomiLomi bodywork, Inner Child work, Embodied Intimacy and Authentic Relating. She offers group facilitation and private sessions. Be welcome as you are.

✦ Looking forward connecting with you and creating intimacy, joy and freedom

Fostering Deeper Intimacy and Meaningful Connections

While many of us have friends and family, our relationships often remain superficial, leaving many women feeling unable to fully express themselves and hiding vulnerable aspects of their lives. Genuine intimacy begins with nurturing a strong connection with oneself and embracing all facets of our being, integrating them into our relationships.

Creating a safe space where we can courageously remove our masks, sharing our experiences and relating to other women, enables us to gain profound self-awareness. It allows us to welcome previously hidden, shameful, or painful parts of ourselves, as well as rediscover forgotten joy and suppressed vitality. This holistic acceptance constitutes true intimacy.

Unfortunately, among women, there can be a prevalence of distrust and turning against one another, manifesting as judgment, jealousy, and gossiping.

However, we have the power to restore trust and cultivate a wise and nurturing sisterhood that may be lacking in our lives. By doing so, we open ourselves to receiving the support and establishing deeper connections that we yearn for. This transformative experience not only celebrates individual growth and healing but also strengthens our sense of community and collective expansion.

Friday 11 August 2023 van 19:00 tot 22:00

Kanaalweg 84A, 3533 HG Utrecht, Nederland

Over de organisatie

“Blossom into Fullness and let your Beauty shine”

Exploring new ways of being and connecting



Let's Play workshop

Nogmaals dankjewel! Ik heb zó genoten afgelopen woensdag. De volgende ochtend werd ik blij wakker en met een zenuwstelsel staat die ontspannener en blijer was dan standaard. Ik wist dag spelen leuk was, maar woensdag heb ik op een diep niveau ervaren hoe geweldig het is. Spelen met mijn kinderen is heerlijk, maar jullie workshop woensdag heeft iets in mij bevrijd wat me werkelijk gelukkiger maakt.

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Dit is echt een van de leukste dingen die ik gedaan heb in mijn leven. Even weer net als vroeger spelen met je vrienden: playfight:). Kijken water wil gebeuren als je samen het speelveld ( matrasjes)betreed ; stoeien, uitdagen, een dans ,lijf tegen lijf enz. En dit alles in een hele veilige beding met leuke lieve mensen. Top, ik kijk uit naar de volgende x, warme groetjes Anja

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Stefanie is een lieve vrouw en bekwaam. Het was alleen wel duidelijk dat dit een beginnersgroep was. Voor ons als gevorderden was er weinig nieuws en dat was wel jammer. We wilden eigenlijk een lingam en yoni massage erbij. Verder wel genoten van het samen zijn met elkaar.

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Sacred Sister Circle - Authentic Relating & the Power of Sisterhood

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