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Regenerative evenings - Summer Solstice Gathering

Thursday 20 June 2024 van 18:30 tot 21:30

Nemo vereniging van vrije wandelaars, Overbrakerpad 2, 1014 AZ Amsterdam, Netherlands

Over dit evenement

Our next Regenerative evening will be on 20 May, a celebratory summer solstice gathering.

Date: June 20, 2024 from 18h30 onwards (evening program will end at 21h30/22h with possibility to stay longer)

Join us for a magical evening celebrating the Summer Solstice, a time of abundant light, growth, and transformation. Our next Regenerative Evening will be a special gathering where we come together around a fire to share stories, experiences, and embrace the energy around the longest day of the year.

What to Expect:

Fire Ceremony: We will gather around a communal fire, a symbol of warmth, light, and transformation.

Story Sharing: Bring a story, poem, or experience to share. This is a time for communal reflection, connection, and celebration of our journeys.

Community Connection: Meet like-minded individuals, build connections, and enjoy the atmosphere.

Solstice Celebration: Engage in activities that honour the solstice, from singing to simple rituals that mark this significant time of the year.

What to Bring:

Comfortable clothing suitable for an evening outdoors.
A blanket or cushion to sit on.
Your favorite story, poem, or experience to share.
A reusable water bottle and any personal snacks you may want.

Let's come together to celebrate the peak of light and life, nurturing our spirits and each other in this beautiful regenerative practice.

To help us plan the evening, please register for a ticket at least 1 week ahead of the event. The minimum group size is 5 people, and the maximum is 10. (You help us a lot by registering as early as possible.) The evening will be in English.


Do you feel passionate about supporting the emergence of a regenerative culture?

These evenings around various themes linked to regenerative culture will support you on your journey.
These events are co-created by a group of citizens who participate in monthly Active Hope Circles, facilitated and organised by Marjorie Lumet. To read more about these and join the monthly Active Hope Circles you can register here https://hipsy.nl/event/25896-active-hope-circles

These monthly regenerative evenings are co-creations by various changemakers to inspire the Amsterdam community and support a more wholesome and life-sustaining way fourth. These evenings are an opportunity to share resources, knowledge, experience and whatever one finds inspiring around a theme related to regenerative culture. The aim is to build community, bring support, inspiration, collaboration to support positive change.

Here is the current program for these regenerative evenings (subject to change)

28 September – Music as Medicine & Ecstatic Dance (Juliette Westerink,, Anneke van Woerden, Peter Luijten)

19 October –Living Soil Workshop (Olivia Ansenk)

16 November - How can we Communicate Ecologically (Non Violent Communication & Ecology)

21 December – Music as Medecine (Marjorie Lumet, Anneke van Woerden)

25 January – Storytelling – Rewriting the Narrative – Esther, writer @thewildway.nl

21 March – Empowering your organisation to be an actor of change - Eleonore van der Lande & Carolien van Marwijk Kooy

11 April - Nature-base rituals from India & co-creating art with soil - Deepali Pahwa

16 May - Opening up to Life with Breathwork & Deep Ecology

20 June - Summer Solstice Celebration

You can register to one evening if you are inspired by a particular theme or you can come to all of these.
Please register when possible at least 1 week in advance as we need to secure enough registrations by then for the evening to go fourth.
If you have any questions about an evening you can reach out to me (note that I am usually not the host for these evenings but support organisation so I can connect to host if needed).
Also if you have suggestions or want to offer your support through knowledge sharing / hosting an evening yourself please reach out.

Marjorie Lumet, mlumet@yahoo.fr (www.experiencemindfulness.nl)

Thursday 20 June 2024 van 18:30 tot 21:30

Nemo vereniging van vrije wandelaars, Overbrakerpad 2, 1014 AZ Amsterdam, Netherlands

Over de organisatie


JOY & PURPOSE THROUGH MINDFULNESS, COMMUNITY & NATURE! Join our mindfulness trainings, deep ecology circles, nature walks and retreats.


Elodie Ly Tri

Breathwork Ceremony

Incredible experience with a wonderful guide, Marjorie.

Lees meer


Breathwork Ceremony

Marjorie was a great facilitator for this session. Lovely location, good vibes and a deep breathing journey!

Lees meer

Sofia Mourato

Active Hope Circles

It was a wonderful experience to spend almost one year getting to know how to better connect with nature and humans. Marjorie's passion and authenticity glued us together, she is naturally in sync with nature and can share it with the wisdom of an ancestor.

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Regenerative evenings - Summer Solstice Gathering

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