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Family Constellations in English

Wednesday 27 September 2023 van 13:45 tot 17:30

Velperengh 2b, 3941 BZ Doorn, Netherlands

Over dit evenement

Do you dare to look without judgment
Invite what's there
Hold out not knowing as long as possible
You don't look, you see
You don't hear, you listen
You are aware
You perceive

When you experience that you are not completely yourself, you seem to be living the life of another person, you feel blocked or you want to investigate why situations keep repeating themselves in your life, why behavioral patterns keep coming back, or why certain questions or feelings persist in you...... Then a constellation can make clear to you what lies beneath all that, bring unknown pieces to light and get your life energy moving again.

In a constellation you can bring in desires that are about the relationship with yourself, your needs, your feelings, your health, you being a man or woman and the balance between those two, making yourself smaller or bigger, and self-love. About relationships with others, your children, your partner(s), your family, etc. About your work and about money. About making choices. About love. About your place in the world and in the bigger picture. About spirituality, your growth and your essence.

Together with you, we create a visual of your your question by setting up the people present as representatives, in the room. In this way we discover how the elements (persons, emotions, body parts, etc.) that are connected to your desire relate to each other and what is allowed to become visible, felt and expressed. Everything that is there, we acknowledge & honor. By creating an image, you receive well-felt insights regarding your question, sources of support can come to light and the opportunity for healing & transformation arises, to be more loving & powerful in your life, from the right place.

A representative is a person who intuitively makes contact with the energy of the element for which he or she is set up, based on the principle that in the quantum field everything is connected. As a representative, you are never just chosen - often there is a resonance with a theme that plays a role in your life. As a result, as a representative you can also experience deepening & transformation.

The way we work is by opening the field & creating a loving foundation in which we give space to feeling & movement, less thinking, and a balanced use of silence & words. When you improve the contact with your body, your emotions and your needs, your life energy will flow again and there will be more space to walk your own path.

We have space to set up three questions this day. If you want to set up your question and you have not experienced a constellation before, we would like to ask you to be a representative first. As a representative, experience is desirable but not required.

Do you feel the courage bubbling up within yourself to look systemically at a life question of yours? Be welcome & sign up with us by buying a ticket. To set up a personal question, we have three prices, depending on if you have a low, middle or higher income: €155 - €195 - €245 incl. VAT.
If you come as a representative, we ask €44, €66 or €88 incl. VAT.

We put 20% of the higher rate in a pot, so we can offer someone with little financial means a session free of charge.

The space in which we work is shoe-free, so bring a pair of comfy socks. Walk-in is from 13:45. We provide water, tea and snacks, you take care of your lunch yourself.

If you have a question or you want to get to know us, you can reach us via connect@courageacademy.nl, 06-26706887 (Jacqueline) & 06-28060925 (Christophe).

You can find an overview of the other activities that Courage Academy offers on our website: https://www.courageacademy.nl/agenda/

We look forward to seeing you!

Heartfelt Greetings,

Christophe & Jacqueline

(Photo: SOCIAL.CUT - Unsplash)

Wednesday 27 September 2023 van 13:45 tot 17:30

Velperengh 2b, 3941 BZ Doorn, Netherlands

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De Moed Om Jezelf Te Zijn


Igno Ketelaars

Moedige Opstellingen 9 juli

Een hele bijzondere ervaring waarbij ik inzicht heb gekregen in een vraag waar ik al langere tijd mee worstelde. Ik ben uiterst dankbaar dat ik dit mocht delen met de lieve representanten en de bezielende leiding van Christophe en Jacqueline. 5 hartjes!

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Nandy Van Ark

Moedige Opstellingen 9 april

Een bijzondere samenkomst op 1e Paasdag met mooie openhartige liefdevolle mensen, waar ik met dankbaarheid op terug kijk. 🙏

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Moedige Opstellingen 18 maart

Liefdevol, 100% aandacht en prachtige energie. Eerste ervaring als representant: voelde mij gezien, gewaardeerd, vertrouwd en vrij. Christoph en Jacqueline coachen met zoveel warmte en echtheid! Dankbaar voor deze reis.

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€ 245,00
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Family Constellations in English

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