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Rise of the divine feminine

Friday 29 September 2023 om 1:30 tot Sunday 01 October 2023 om 5:00

Kapelleweg 29, 4322 NG Scharendijke, Nederland

Over dit evenement

Are you on a thrilling search of discovering who you are? 
Are you ready to fully come home in your body?

And most of all… are you ready to bring your magic back?
Long ago, women were seen as sacred. As the ones who held the secrets of life. 
These secrets were never lost. They are waiting for you to be re-discovered, within the temple of your beautiful body. 
Somewhere you can feel it. Don’t you?

We are living in an exceptional time where women start to radically embody the gifts of femininity. Brave women have laid down the path for us to remember our divine essence. 
Now it is time to honour that right. 

This unique retreat is developed in a delicate way to guide you into the embodiment of your feminine essence.

During three extraordinary days, you’ll be invited to explore and embody yourself in all facets of your being within a safe, loving space of sisterhood. Here you will find your way back to the long lost knowledge of your femineity. Finding this knowledge will bring a sense of empowerment beyond imagination as it brings you back in a power which is unique for us as women.

During the retreat, you’ll experience ancient and modern practices which hold powerful wisdom to become fully present with yourself, others and life. These days will be a blend in which you will touch the psychological, somatic & spiritual aspects of your being.

Everything is designed to guide you deeply into your subconscious multi-dimensional plane, followed by moments of integration and embodiment. The healing arts used throughout your stay are centred in healing physical and emotional blockages that might be stored in the body. As these blockages heal, your body consciousness gets activated which will give you a deep understanding of who you really are.

Dive into the depths of your soul, to untangle what was from what is.
Dive into the abyss of your heart, to remember your unique gifts.

Dive into the wisdom of your body, to become anchored in life itself.
What to expect?
❈ Psychedelic and Orgasmic Breathwork
❈ Critical Alignment Yoga
❈ Kundalini activation
❈ Lightcircle & healing
❈ Cacao Ceremony
❈ Sacred Initiations & Divine Blessings
❈Tantra & contact dance
❈ Delicious Food & Women Love
At the end of this retreat, you will have tools to:
☾ Enhance and fuel your lifeforce
☾ Drop from your head into your heart

☾ Embody your authentic self

☾ Create a loving and safe place for self-regulation
☾ Work through emotional, mental blockages
☾ Understand and work with your subconscious mind

☾ Become your own muse

☾ Step into your power
☾ Access the magic inside of you

Do you feel the call to fully embody your authentic self? 

re you ready to find truth?

Then we welcome you to rise as the divine woman that you are with us.
With love,
Janel, Carmen, Aileen and Aranka
Friday 29th of September until the 1st of October.
We welcome you at the gorgeous Retraitecentrum Finca Vrij in Zeeland. 
With the salt of the sea on your skin and your hair wild in the free flow of the wind, you’ll spend your days in a paradise of nature.
Do you feel the call and want to know more? Contact one of us to receive the folder for all information.
If any other questions arise, please reach out and we will be there to answer

Friday 29 September 2023 om 1:30 tot Sunday 01 October 2023 om 5:00

Kapelleweg 29, 4322 NG Scharendijke, Nederland

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Over de organisatie

“"Awaken your feminine essence, embody your power, and embrace sisterhood' ”

"Discover your true essence, embrace your feminine power, and reclaim the magic within you. Join us on a transformative retreat.

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Rise of the divine feminine

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