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Art of Facilitating

Thursday 19 September 2024 om 9:00 tot Friday 08 November 2024 om 17:00

Austerlitz, Nederland

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Do you want to become a kick-ass facilitator?

Are you an intrapreneur, creating movement in your organisation or guiding change processes? Would you like to learn how to design, facilitate and make these processes internally sustainable? Are you driven by a desire to create more connection and meaning? Then this development course is for you.

The Art of Facilitating is for people that are doing the work in organisations, guiding change, often navigating sticky processes and operating in complex organisations. This course will give you new perspectives on the ethics of change, group dynamics, systemic work, and discovering or deepening your approach, since you are the key instrument of change.

Facilitating is an art that you can learn. From design, mapping and engaging stakeholders, developing the skills needed to let a group discover direction and providing guidance simultaneously.

During a 4-day programme over a period of 2 months (2x 2 days), we will guide you through different facilitation methods and frameworks that help overcome resistance and group insecurity, give space to the minority perspective, and help bring together conflicting interests in organisations. During this journey, you will get to know like minded people that are also working on systems change or are contributing in their way to organisational development.

Thursday 19 September 2024 om 9:00 tot Friday 08 November 2024 om 17:00

Austerlitz, Nederland

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Over de organisatie

Wij begeleiden interne veranderaars met het worden van een facilitator die complexe groepsprocessen kan begeleiden.

Better Future B.V.

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Art of Facilitating

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