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Conscious Touch Workshop

Sunday 30 June 2024 van 13:00 tot 16:30

Kanaalweg 84A, 3533 HG Utrecht, Nederland

Over dit evenement

Enjoying touch, without fear, with full loving attention... Do you know it? Are you open to inviting more of it?

We will:
- sensitize the connection with our body and touch
- honour our boundaries (and those of others)
- give space to our desires
- explore in a safer space
- explore and have fun

Touching is proven to be healthy; it reduces stress and increases happiness.
It is also a way of exploring and connecting with your desires and your boundaries.
This workshop is about honouring your boundaries and voicing your desires. You don’t ever have to touch or be touched if you don’t feel a yes. This is ALWAYS the case, also outside of this workshop, but we create a safer space for you to experience, practice and enjoy this.
Our Conscious Touch workshop centers on loving attention and touch. The exercises slowly build up in intensity so that everybody can join how and when they want to. The exercises are playful, sometimes intense, but always from a loving place.
All our events are consent based, meaning you never (!) have to do anything you don’t feel like doing.
No experience needed, clothes stay on.
In this workshop we stay away from sexuality. Not because sexuality is wrong, but to experience how nice cuddling and touching can be when there is no end goal or focus.
Come and celebrate conscious touch!

The doors open at 12:30, we start at 13:00 exactly. It is important for everyone to be there on time, so we can create a safer space with all of us from the start.
We ask participants to keep to the guidelines that are discussed at the beginning of the workshop. When you are not respectful, cross boundaries or display other behaviour that jeopardizes the safety of the group we can ask you to leave the workshop.

You can bring:
- A water bottle (we will provide tea as well)
- Possibly some snacks: a workshop can make you hungry
- comfortable clothing in which you feel nice. For example yoga clothing, jogging pants or your pyjamas
- Natural, clean scents are the best! Heavy parfume can be overwhelming for others. Bringing a towel and/or an extra set of clean clothes can be nice if you strained yourself before the workshop.

Sunday 30 June 2024 van 13:00 tot 16:30

Kanaalweg 84A, 3533 HG Utrecht, Nederland

Over de organisatie

“To create the intimacy, sexlife and relationships we dream of.”

We facilitate consent based events around intimacy, sex, non-monogamy, playfulness and authenticity. To connect and play, to learn and practice.



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Conscious Touch Workshop

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