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Temple of Archetypes ~ Special edition: Filming for AT5

Saturday 30 March 2024 van 13:30 tot 22:30

Veenendaalplein 147, 1106 CS Amsterdam, Netherlands

Over dit evenement

T e m p l e O f A r c h e t y p e s

A local newsstation is creating a piece on Tantric Temple journeys, focussing on different expressions of sexuality, the healing aspects of tantra and different ways of relating.

- Do you feel called to contribute to bringing more awareness to these topics?
- Do you long for more people to know the depth possible through healthy sexuality and exploration?
- Are you okay with being on tv?

We are ready to serve you into deeper empowerment through connecting to 3 different archetypes:
* Erotic Innocence
* Polarity Play (dominance & submission)
* Sacred Sexuality (rituals for sexual healing)

πŸ’« Insights into how you relate to different parts of yourself
πŸ’« Being held in a group of like minded beings
πŸ’« A sense of deeper freedom in your body
πŸ’« Deconditioning shame

*** This is for you if you are: ***
πŸ’« Ready to step into your power
πŸ’« Ready to transform shame and limiting beliefs
πŸ’« Ready to own your desires
*** This is not for you, if you:
- don’t want to do the work and are just looking for a peak experience
- are seeking a quicky or any other s.exual lust fulfillments

*** The Flow: ***
Timeframe: March 30th, 14:30-22:30
Location: The Healing Space Amsterdam

14:14 Doors open
14:30 Embodied Prayer and arrival in the space
15:00 Opening circle
18:45 Dinner
20:15 Circle of Desires
20:45 Free flow
22:15 Closing Circle

First tickets for €49,-
* Reduced prices, as a thank you for contributing to the footage

* Including tea, kinky toys to use during the event
* Please bring a closed bottle for water, a towel
* No refunds available, however you can resell your ticket if communicated with us

πŸ’«This is a journey for you. So this is your chance to step into utmost self-responsibility and create the journey as you want it. Nothing has to happen and everything can as long as there is
CONSENT. This goes for any interaction and engagement. We will NOT guide any fluid exchanging exercises.
πŸ’« Wear something you can move freely in, we recommend bringing layers and options.

ARIANE is an international educator, facilitator, coach & practitioner in the field of intimacy and erotic leadership. In her teachings she combines the Western world of positive psychology and trauma awareness together with Eastern traditions of Tantra and Yoga. She is co-founder of BliXX, an international brand that hosts transformational conscious kInk retreats around Europe. And doula of orgasm!c leaders, where she supports ambitious women to lead from head, heart and womb to move from pressure to pleasure in work and life.

ARIANA is a tantrika & sensuality coach working with eros to create both transformational healing and deep-felt pleasure. While studying dance in 2016 she immersed herself into tantra, and bio-dynamic therapy. And has been fascinated by healing modalities ever since. Ariana is the creatress of SoulSeductress and Conscious Lapdance, she leads online selfpleasure & selfdevelopment journeys, and facilitates 1-on-1 containers for embodied healing.

"Very nice and safe atmosphere. I had a marvelous experience. So thankful. Something bigger than the 'normal me' happened to me! I made moves in such a flow, this was awesome. I will get back!" - Marnix

Over de organisatie

Deep transformational temple journeys for your personal growth

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Temple of Archetypes ~ Special edition: Filming for AT5

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