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New Year celebration - Kundalini Energy Activation (KAP)

Sunday 07 January 2024 van 15:00 tot 17:00

Rivium Quadrant 90, 2909 LC Capelle aan den IJssel, Netherlands

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This is a group session facilitated by two Facilitators: Ting and Giuseppe.
After arrival and getting acquainted, you will learn more about Kundalini Energy. We will then do a couple of short breathing and meditation exercises to sink into the body. When our body consciousness is activated, we proceed to the activation of your own kundalini energy.


Kundalini Energy Awakening is a deep memory, it is an awakening process. You remember who you really are. It is an energy transmission. By surrendering to the energy flow within yourself, your body, mind and spirit remembers who it really is. As a result, energy channels open and your consciousness also opens. You become aware of your true power and self. You feel one with everything that is there.
It is a path that you walk. The energy works its way through all built-up blocks/obstacles. It does this in a loving, powerful and sometimes subtle way, so that you get exactly what body, mind and spirit can handle. The more and more often you connect with this energy, the deeper and more far-reaching the results are.

Kundalini Energy Awakening will increasingly activate the energy flow through your spine and your entire body from top to bottom at a pace that is completely safe and tailored to your personal needs. In this it is completely different from the traditional way of opening the Kundalini energy. It will unlock possibilities in a sequence that you can handle and is supportive of unfolding your life force at all levels. Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

You do not have to do anything to activate this primal energy, other than surrender yourself to the process in complete relaxation.

Just a few possible results:

• Remembering the Joy of being Alive
• Significantly increases our awareness
• Reminds us of our Wholeness and Oneness
• Lift the veils between us and our true selves
• Peels off the layers of conditioned mental limitations
• Opens our deep core principles and activates our soul mission, our life path
• It opens our spiritual evolution/intuition, spiritual awakening
• Balances and aligns the physical body
• Helps release long-held emotions and trauma
• Moves the body in a wonderful way
• Awakens our true power (kundalini energy)


• Avoid coffee, alcohol, drugs and heavy food the day of the session
• Do not eat too heavily before the session (at least 2 hours) so that your body can focus on energy instead of digesting food.
• Please arrive 10-15 minutes before the session starts. You can then find a spot at your leisure and have something to drink.
• Come with an open mind and let go of all expectations. Each time will be different, but you will receive exactly what you need at that moment.
• The Kundalini Energy Activation session lasts approximately 60 to 75 minutes, during which you lie on your yoga mat.
• Yoga mats and blankets are provided. Feel free to bring your sleeping mask (optional) or your own mat if you need extra comfort lying down.
• Wear comfortable clothing and preferably several layers. That way you can put something on or take it off if necessary.

If you are prone to psychosis or epileptic seizures, or are pregnant (last trimester), we ask that you do NOT participate in this session (contraindications).


Ting and Giuseppe at Inner Freedom Team have been around mindfulness, spirituality and energy work for many years.

The unique and powerful combination of energy work, meditation, breathwork, and Kundalini Activation will help you on the journey to remember again who you really are, to remember again the joy of being alive.

Sessions are mainly done in English, but in case of need Dutch and Italian is possible too 😉

Sunday 07 January 2024 van 15:00 tot 17:00

Rivium Quadrant 90, 2909 LC Capelle aan den IJssel, Netherlands

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“Find your Inner Freedom: Love the Journey, Love Yourself.”

Discover the power of Kundalini NRGY, Cosmic Spinal NRG (TTC) and Breathwork to get in touch with your real Self and find again the Joy of being Alive


Esmeralda Van Esch

Semi-Private Kundalini Energy Activation (KAP) & Cacao Ceremony (4p)

Wat een fijne energie heeft Quiseppe. Ik voelde mij direct op mijn gemak. Hij legt alles heel goed uit m.b.t. de sessie. Na een kopje Cacao te hebben gedronken en ik vooral veel Rust ervaarde begon de sessie. De muziek was precies wat ik nodig had, en dus goed op mij afgestemd. Ik voelde mij gedragen en mocht precies dat ervaren wat ik op dat moment nodig had. Quiseppe is zeker aan te raden voor een prachtige Kundalini sessie. Voor een reis naar je pure essentie.

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C. Lam

New Year celebration - Kundalini Energy Activation (KAP)

We hebben een hele leuke en onvergetelijke sessie gehad. Op het begin wist ik niet zo goed wat ik kon verwachten. Maar ze hebben ons heel goed op ons gemak gesteld en ons goed geïnformeerd. Zeker een onvergetelijke ervaring. Het voelt aan alsof persoonlijke blokkades weg zijn. Ik zou het zeker nog een keer doen met mijn vriendinnen. Aanrader!

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New Year celebration - Kundalini Energy Activation (KAP)

Eerste keer voor mijn nichtje en ik, was voor ons beiden een hele mooie ervaring. We werden op ons gemak gesteld en er werd goed voor ons gezorgd. De sessie was een prachtige ervaring. In mijn beleving had ik een reis om de aarde gemaakt maar het is uiteraard voor iedereen anders. Ik raad iedereen aan om bij Ting en Giuseppe langs te gaan! Het zijn professionels die weten waar ze mee bezig zijn met alleen maar goede vibes. Dankjewel voor de prachtige ervaring.

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New Year celebration - Kundalini Energy Activation (KAP)

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