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Friday 08 December 2023 van 20:00 tot 22:30

Europalaan 20, 3526 KS Utrecht, Nederland

Over dit evenement

As a participant you'll lay down on a mat and might go into an inner subconscious world through sounds, music, frequencies, energy and touch where words often fall short. As the Life-1a website describes: “The innerdance can bring about regression into childhood memories, primal states, explorations of dream visions, emotional release, a journey into different dimensions of consciousness and most often, a recognition that something has been altered, a healing has occurred."

WHAT IS INNERDANCE? (or Inner Dance)
Innerdance is a natural and intuitive state of heightened awareness that serves a doorway to achieving a greater sense of completeness and a deeper understanding of our true selves. Music is utilized to facilitate the emergence of specific brainwave patterns, inducing a conscious state that resembles a vivid dream. This state brings about increased vibrational responses in the brain, body, and mind, which then affect various aspects of the unified field, such as its interaction with electricity, memory, emotions, collective thought, vision, resonance, and frequency. As a result of this expanded awareness and enhanced neuroplasticity, individuals experience changes in their perception and gain profound insights. Old ways of interpreting things may gradually or suddenly shift as a more healthy, healing, and harmonious energy takes over.

19.30 Doors open
20:00 Start opening circle,
Please note that the door will be locked at 20:00, so be on time!
20:30 Start Inner Dance
22:00 Closing Circle
22:30 End Event

In principle, you don't have to do anything to prepare for the session. A few tips that might come in handy:
- Preferably don't come with a full stomach.
- Wear comfy clothes.
- Bring a yoga mat and blanket if possible.

FACILITATORS & SPACEHOLDERS: Saule Grybenaite & Mick Kitzen
SAULE is a pioneer of Innerdance practice in Lithuania and a founder of “IDEA - Innerdance Europe Association”, which holds study space for Innerdance facilitators of Lithuania and Europe. She is an architect, designer, entrepreneur and researcher of human body and mind and their development through a scientific as well as deeply experiential point of view; has been conducting open training groups since 2017. Find out more on https://www.instagram.com/saulegry/

MICK attended a facilitator training with Saule and Lina at the IDEA - Innerdance Europe Association in 2019 and an in-depth facilitator training in late 2022, co-hosted by Filipino founder Pi Villaraza and other space holders around the world. In recent years, Mick facilitated several Innerdance sessions in small and bigger circles. More on: https://www.instagram.com/mickimagik/

Be Touched Community brings workshops and facilitation in authentic communication and -relating, intimacy, sensuality, embodiment and alignment while being in deep connection to others in safe and inspiring spaces. https://betouchedcommunity.com/

Location: Europalaan 20, Utrecht (FREE PARKING). Entrance is behind the building.
Doors open at 19:30. Please be on time, there will be no-one to let you in after 7PM
This workshop wil be held in English (but of course in interactions you can speak Dutch with each other if that is more easy).
We work with small and intimate groups.
We provide unlimited tea and some snacks. Make sure you have eaten before we start.
We will send out an e-mail with all the information shortly before the event.
Want to join but you have limited resources? We always have a couple of budget available, reach out to us :)

Friday 08 December 2023 van 20:00 tot 22:30

Europalaan 20, 3526 KS Utrecht, Nederland

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Over de organisatie

“Intimately connecting you to self and others”

We run connection & intimacy events for those wishing for more authenticity, more openness and limitlessness in their relationships and daily life.

In samenwerking met

Innerdance Nederland


Ricardo Ministro

Authentic Attachment

Very cozy space and very interesting information provided throughout the workshop.

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Joy .

Unleash Your Divine Essence - Sacred Ceremony by 'Naakt met Eva'

Amazing experience. The facilitators created a super safe environment for this heartfelt celebration. All participants were invited to shed the layers of judgment and inhibition, embracing the beauty of the divine selves in the most profound and artistic way. I was very touched and I highly recommend to join this ceremony.

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'KiSS' - Kinky Festive Clothes Swap (Free Event)

It was amazing! So many lovely people who want to share not only clothes, but also stories.

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