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Kundalini NRGY Amsterdam

Saturday 09 December 2023 van 14:30 tot 16:30

Bluebirds Yoga Centrum | Yogastudio Amsterdam, Prinsengracht 493, 1016 HR Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Kundalini NRGY Awakening Amsterdam

A Kundalini Awakening is an energetic experience, that reconnects you to your true essence. Kundalini is seen as a primal energy, or as your life force, which is the source of our existence and our inner home. A Kundalini Awakening is a very profound way to experience your life force and it brings us back to the joy of being alive!

A Kundalini Awaking clears, in stages, all that is keeping us from experiencing our essence to the fullest. When the energy flows through the body, a wholeness and oneness is experienced.

After a session people often say they feel:
* more connected to self
* stronger guidance from within
* they have a stronger sense of purpose and knowingness of why they are here
* a strong urge to speak their truth because of an opened throat chakra
* more enjoyment in sexual experiences
* drawn to healthier for their bodies and life

A continued practise in Kundalini Awakenings has the potential to change the way we experience our life - it could activate a potential in our brain and DNA that rewires so to say the blue print of our visions. it can bring us back to our greatness and to our unity with each other, Mother Earth and all that is.

The session and space will be held by Maya Nightingale and Celine Brill. Both ladies are experienced explorers of consciousness, a beautiful duo, complementing each other and working as one.

If you feel the call, please join us at our event on December 9th! We would love to see you there.

Bluebirds Centrum, Prinsengracht 493, Amsterdam

Love Maya & Celine


More info about a Kundalini NRGY Awakening:

A Kundalini NRGY Awakening is an incredible journey of transformation and self-discovery! It's the transmission of a powerful, natural life force energy that will flow from the crown to the root chakra, initiating a profound process of self-awakening, also known as a Kundalini Awakening. Kundalini refers to the potent and creative life force energy that resides within each human being, waiting to be awakened and unleashed.

The process is a gentle and gradual unfolding. The Kundalini NRGY is intuitively addressing and bringing to the surface what is needed to be seen and felt. This allows for the clearing of energy pathways, physical blockages and stuck emotional charges. Unlike other selfgenerated practices, such as kundalini yoga, tantra, or chi gong, a Kundalini Awakening is the path of surrender rather than willpower. It's an intuitive and natural energetic process that leads to a beautiful union of mind, body, and spirit.

During the session, you'll lie down on a mat and immerse yourself in specially curated music that supports the activation of specific brainwave patterns. The practitioners will work with your energy field by touching energetically and physically various chakra points, either softly or deeply, to move blocked emotional energy. You may experience a range of sensations, from spontaneous movements of the body to emotional release, visuals, or feelings of bliss and a rise in life force energy.

With regular sessions, you'll experience deeper transformations and changes in your overall well-being. These long-term benefits can include a deeper connection to your intuition and inner guidance, a greater sense of purpose and clarity, improved creativity and productivity, and an overall increase in your energy and vitality. You'll also experience a sense of spiritual awakening and heightened awareness of your true nature. It's a journey of self-discovery and transformation that can unleash your full potential.

Saturday 09 December 2023 van 14:30 tot 16:30

Bluebirds Yoga Centrum | Yogastudio Amsterdam, Prinsengracht 493, 1016 HR Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Over de organisatie

“To align with your life force is to feel the joy of being alive ”

Kundalini NRGY Amsterdam gives sessions to align with your life force and feel your true essence, by doing energy work.


Nikoleta Hristova

Breath work and Kundalini Day Retreat

My first time taking a Sunday retreat with Maya and Celine and it was amazing. Maya's energy is soft, healing and she holds so much wisdom. Celine is such a joybun, intuitive and holds space for you too feel. It was a intense and changing experience. Not knowing I needed that but definitly was needing it. Thank you!

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Kundalini NRGY Amsterdam

Thank you Maya and Celine for a wonderful experience in a safe and warm environment!

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Esther Meesters

Kundalini NRGY Amsterdam

Het was weer fantastisch! Zo'n mooie ervaring die me weer veel inzicht heeft gegeven. Celine en Maya hebben allebei een hele fijne energie en geven hele goeie begeleiding. 🥰

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Kundalini NRGY Amsterdam

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