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One Line Drawing Workshop - Cloud Gallery

Wednesday 27 September 2023 van 18:30 tot 20:00

Cloud, Prinsengracht 276, 1016 HJ Amsterdam, Niederlande

Over dit evenement

Join the One Line Drawing Workshop, hosted by Jana Mordhorst, to unlock your creativity by making drawings with just one line.

Through a series of amusing, connecting, and surprising exercises, you'll be encouraged to let go of limiting beliefs. Visualize the live music Jana creates with her clarinet and relish the connections you may form with both yourself and the group. Moreover, you'll have the opportunity to explore the art of Veronica Hodges, currently on display at the Cloud Gallery, from entirely fresh perspectives.


This workshop is an exploration of the art of creation, emphasizing hands-on experience over structured instruction. Within a safe and supportive environment, the impulses will encourage you to explore and practice drawing. Don't hesitate to join both workshops, as they offer subtly different experiences.

18:15 Arrival
18:30 Start (Please be there a bit before)
20:00 End

Please secure your ticket before September 25th!

If you don't have much money available please reach I offer an social ticket of 15€. Please reach out to hello@janamordhorst.com

Wednesday 27 September 2023 van 18:30 tot 20:00

Cloud, Prinsengracht 276, 1016 HJ Amsterdam, Niederlande

Over de organisatie

“Everyone is an artist!”

My One Line Drawing workshops are about letting go of thinkinging in order to access your creativity. Let's play with the pen on paper!


Daan Grenier

Tekenen met één lijn voor kids en ouders

Heel erg leuke ervaring…gezellig georganiseerd en was zeer inspirerend. Hoop dat het nog een keer word georganiseerd ☺️

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Ramona Ruijter

One Line Drawing Workshop - Cloud Gallery

The one-line-drawing workshop was a very inspiring and new experience for me. Jana has encouraged me to step outside my comfort zone, use my imagination and guided us with her wonderful clarinet playing and exercises how to get into a state of flow. The group drawing was also very nice! We were drawing together like happy kids. I can really recommend this workshop to find or explore your creative side.

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Andrea Bolognin

One Line Drawing Session

Jana is a wonderful space holder, made everyone feel comfortable and allowed unexpected collective creativity to emerge. Drowning while she plays the clarinet was delightful

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One Line Drawing Workshop - Cloud Gallery

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