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Sacred Cacao Ritual in Amsterdam

Sunday 28 May 2023 van 12:00 tot 18:00

Stralende Mama, Nieuwendammerkade 26, 1022 AB Amsterdam, Netherlands

Over dit evenement

Cacao is a Sacred Ancestral Medicine that helps us balance our Spiritual, Physical, Emotional and Mental bodies. Drinking Ceremonial Cacao helps us to open our hearts, to communicate honestly and truthfully, to perceive the wonder of Nature, of our Being, of life. It helps us to create and perceive a greater awareness in ourselves and around us.
This Medicine helps us to open our words, our communication, our love, our patience, it helps us to work with our hearts, with our emotions, to be open, honest and truthful.
When we connect with the Love that resides in us, we are in tune with Nature and the Universe.
Additionally, it also has energetic, nutritional and physical benefits, and is a natural antidepressant.

*The ritual will be carried out following the Mayan Tradition of Cacao:

-Reception of the participants and the offerings/elements that they bring to the Altar
-Assembly of the Mayan Altar all together and some explanations
-Opening Directions and asking for Permission to the Energies of each Direction
-Preparation of Ceremonial Cacao within the Ritual
-Connection with the Energies
-Prayers and Songs at various times
-Acknowledgment and grateful moment to close all the Directions and Permissions conceived
-Liffting up the altar (clear it up all together)

*About the Facilitator:

Maru Albor of Cacao Sagrado. Coming all the way from Mexico:

Maru Albor is a Facilitator of Ceremonies with the Sacred Cacao.
For several years she has dedicated herself to carrying out experiences, rituals, courses and circles with women and men in different countries.
She comes to the Netherlands with the purpose of sharing her experiences and knowledge acquired in various parts of the world, including those with the traditional Mayan Grandparents, -Guardians of the Sacred Use of Medicinal Cacao-.

Sunday 28 May 2023 van 12:00 tot 18:00

Stralende Mama, Nieuwendammerkade 26, 1022 AB Amsterdam, Netherlands

Over de organisatie

“Just close your eyes and see with your heart.”

*Cura Corazón: Balance. Nourish. Grow.* *Circles/Workshops with Sacred Cacao. *Tibetan Usui Reiki Teacher. *Initiated Sahumadora (Sacred Smudge art).

Sacred Cacao Ritual in Amsterdam

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