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Rise of the Divine Feminine- Summer Solstice Retreat

Tuesday 20 June 2023 om 10:00 tot Thursday 22 June 2023 om 15:30

Hooge Zwaluwe, 4927 Hooge Zwaluwe, Netherlands

Over dit evenement

Every woman has this beautiful, vulnerable maiden inside themselves. This young girl is precious.

She is a huge and an important part of your inner self. During this retreat you are going to reconnect with her in several ways so that you can strengthen the bond between you two).

Through a variation of healing arts you and your inner child are invited to grow together as one into a mature woman.

You can be grateful for her soul. She made the brave decision to incarnate as a human being. She came here consciously, chosen by herself and birthed into her family constellation, to make a change.

She decided to live in an earth matrix of ´dualistic´ experiences that impacted her connection and faith To life and the divine.

Her ascension path is a unique way to reach oneness within and with that, remembering others.

She is the leader of a great mission using her
own colors, skills and angelic wings.

She is the unpolished raw diamond wanting to become a true divine feminine. When you reach a certain state of presence, she can share her softness, wisdom, love and light.

Unfortunately, due to lots of life and soul experiences, it is possible that she got hurt overtime.. She might have lost faith into being herself. She might have been challenged and suppressed in a lot of ways.

And ultimately, she might have forgotten her woman’s rights. Her voice. Her worth. Her belonging. Her freedom.

Often, our inner child feels insecure, unsafe, unseen, unprotected, unheard or unwanted.

She probably didn´t had enough ways and knowledge yet, to hold, connect and express herself. When this is the case, it is common to experience a rocky foundation

During three extraordinary days we will shine a light onto her shadow parts by sharing various healing arts with you. We will give space to embrace the parts of your young maiden.

This means that we won’t reject any part of ourselves or each other. On contrary, we will invite your young maiden to step out of her shell.

In doing so, we will safely trigger her to stop hiding and gently overcoming her fears. This will give the opportunity to release outdated beliefs, pains, identities, blocked emotions or over-actively energy.

You will gain tools to re-empower her lifeforce, work towards more embodiment and to ground her while holding space from a place of our inner mother.

This retreat is born through our own process and inner calling. We love to help other women to come home in their essence and living their full potential. It is a blessing to see each woman rising in her true divine feminine power. With this alignment each of them can serve their mission.

Once stepped in your divine feminine, you become a magnet for love from a place of self-worth. Anchoring this energy in your body, will teach you to speak and understand the language of your heart.

This will turn you into your own spiritual guide, trusting your inner feelings.

The Retreat Includes:
Different ways of Breathing:

Psychedelic, Orgasmic & Tibetan Breath,

Critical Alignment Yoga

Kundalini Activation

Conscious Essence Dance

Lightcircle & Healing

Cacao Ceremony

Sound & Womb Healing

Sacred Initiations & Divine Blessings

Indian Sarong Ceremony & Creativity

Delicious Food & Women Love

Your sisters guiding:
Carmen Heystek- www.so-cee.com @Soceelifestyle
Janel Hoogendoorn - www.holistictemple @janel.holistictemple
Aranka Lobbezoo - www.artoftotum.com @veraaranka
Aileen Kennedy - www.aileenkennedy.nl @aileenkennedy.innersource


Dates: June 20th 10 AM - ending 22nd June 14:00

Price includes a single bed in a 4-person room in a brand new retreat center. (If you want more privacy: there are 4 double rooms- you can book them here in the event when you get your ticket)

Also included healthy vegan & gluten-free meals & organic teas during the whole stay

Jonkershof Streeplandsedijk 8 4926 PK Lage Zwaluwe

Ask us anything!

With Love,

Aileen, Janel, Carmen and Aranka

Refund policy:
Until a maximum of 4 weeks before the retreat full refunds are possible- after this we can not offer a refund. You are free to re-sell your ticket

Tuesday 20 June 2023 om 10:00 tot Thursday 22 June 2023 om 15:30

Hooge Zwaluwe, 4927 Hooge Zwaluwe, Netherlands

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Koop je tickets direct via Hipsy. Na betaling is je deelname definitief en ontvang je je tickets per e-mail.

Over de organisatie

“Breathe, relax. You are not finished, you are becoming. ”

Breathwork workshops & events, Cacao Ceremonies. The breath is such a powerful tool in coming home to your Self. Also: Wild Woman Untamed program.


Judith Webber

Wild Woman Unleashed

Ik ben uitermate tevreden over deze course. Aileen is een zeer ervaren ademwerk facilitator en dat is te merken. Ze is helder, aanwezig en positief confronterend. Ik heb ontzettend veel geleerd over mezelf en m'n kracht als vrouw. Een dikke aanrader voor iedere vrouw die wil verdiepen in haar vrouw-zijn!

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Abundant Queen

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Special Bedroom 2 Beds

All bedrooms sleep 4 people. This ticket is for you want more privacy or to sleep with a friend. ALL bedrooms have their own bathroom with sink & shower. When you book this option you are reserving 1 bed in a double room. If you want to sleep with a friend, please email us so we make sure you are together!

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Student price Almost sold out

This ticket is for all students - focused on their education who have a small budget.

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Rise of the Divine Feminine- Summer Solstice Retreat

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