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SØSOUL House of Happiness

We are a safespace for you to realign, reset and reconnect through guided healing 1:1 sessions and groupsessions with different guides and practices



SØSOUL House of Happiness, Anjeliersstraat 46-H, 1015 NH Amsterdam, Nederland

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Evenementen van SØSOUL House of Happiness

Sunday, 18 Aug. om 10:00
Free Voice- Free Joints-Experiential Journey into Body,Breath,Movement
SØSOUL House of Happiness
Klankreis-Soundbath Lichaamsbewustzijn Ademwerk
“Joy is the key”

Over de organisatie

We are the House of Happiness in Amsterdam-Jordaan
A House for you, where you feel safe to join our workshops and classes.
We believe that your #1 purpose in life, is to live joyful.

Therefor, we work with our Happiness team, where all facilitators share the same purpose. We are here to help you in your journey to happiness. Whether it is through soundhealing, Kundalini Activation, Healing Yoga classes, Regression therapy, Neuro- Psychology, circles etc.
Our aim is to reconnect you with your true self, realign you with your purpose, rebalance your body and soul, so you can reclaim your birthright, which we believe is JOY.

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SØSOUL House of Happiness

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