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Seeds of Yoga

Embodied practices based on wisdom traditions to help us connect within and without, open our bodies and minds, free the Self.


+31 6 51911747

Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Friday, 21 Jun. om 15:00
Seeds of Yoga
Meerdaagse retraites
“Breath is what brings magic to the practice”

Over de organisatie

I am Claudia, italian born living in the Nehterlands for over 20 years. My passion for travels brought me to explore different places and cultures in the world and to connect to wisdom traditions in various parts of the planet.
Yoga had a strong resonance within me and Ashtanga Yoga has been my primary container for nearly 25 years. Yin Yoga is my second best, as it complements my very yang practice (I couldn’t imagine surviving a daily Ashtanga practice without some extra Yin poses). I’ve also cultivated a meditation practice and a connection to the Buddha Dharma, which deepened over many years of study and silent retreats.
I’m passionate about the psychology of the mind, which brought me to deepen my studies of some of the classical indian text and to delve into self-inquiry tools. Classical pranayama and breathwork practices are also part of my daily practices and offerings, as they keep my energy centered and balanced.
What I do best is to hold space for practice. I’ve been facilitating an Ashtanga Mysore program in Amsterdam for the last 15 years and teaching group classes, workshops and trainings. Yoga Circle Amsterdam is the second yoga studio I co-founded (www.yogacircle.nl).
I currently offer group classes, private sessions, workshops and retreats, using yoga practices and a variety of other tools.

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