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Hédi Carlee

Hédi Carlee is a new frisky & fabulous indie mantra singer. As a born musicians she loves music but also love the deep stillness a mantra can bring.

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Evenementen van Hédi Carlee

Sunday, 21 Apr. om 14:30
Mantra Concert - Singing Circle
Hédi Carlee
Mantra zingen Zangcirkel Sanskriet Mantrarecitatie
Tuesday, 03 Sep. om 16:00
Gayatri Retreat 2024
Hédi Carlee
Mantra zingen Adem Meditatie
“ Welcome in the heart of mantra medicine ➰”

Over de organisatie

Mantra concerts, online 40 Day Mantra Journeys, one day retreats, retreats en online gatherings. Hédi's Heart Space (online tribe)

Hédi Carlee is a gifted musician from the Netherlands. First release Gayatri Mantra surprised and attracted many listeners, whether they love the worldly genre of mantra music or not. Hédi enhances the traditional mantra sound with her Indie musical approach. Let this wonderful, new and frisky mantra singer let you take a backward plunge into the the clear waters of true inner peace through her harmonies. Namasté.

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Hédi Carlee

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