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CANCELLED - Ecstatic Dance UNIVERSE in Utrecht - Anica & Tom

Sunday 19 February 2023 van 18:30 tot 21:30

Stichting Danscentrum Utrecht, Monseigneur van de Weteringstraat 13-A, 3581 EA Utrecht, Nederland

Over dit evenement

** Cancelled due to heavy flu **

Ecstatic Dance is a movement and meditation practice. We practice to be in the here and now in an embodied way, (re)discovering all the creative ways we can express whatever is alive inside of us. We draw our attention inwards to become aware of what is alive within, welcoming our feelings in a safe space. From this internal space we give ourselves (and each other) permission to freely express in the dance. The music and energy vary from very soft to wild or playful, square staccato to fluid and sensual. Be welcome to meet yourself and meet others in this wonderful dance practice.

In order to create an amazing and safe space for everybody, we thank you for acknowledging these guidelines:
* Noble Silence - We dance without words
* Barefoot - Feel the earth, socks are allowed
* Natural High - No drugs, rapΓ©, energy drinks or alcohol. Free tea & water
* Respect - Tune into your own boundaries and those of others
* Here and Now - No phones or cameras

18:30 Doors Open
19:00 Opening Ceremony - Tom Goldhand
19:30 Ecstatic Dance Journey - Anica
21:30 Closing
Our front door closes 19:00 sharp when the ceremony has started, in order to truly go on this journey together. Just like a train, there is a chance you miss it. We believe this enriches the experience and coherence of the field.

πŸ‘‰ DJ - Anica πŸ‘ˆ
Ecstatic Dance to Anica is a wonderful tool to come closer to oneself. It allows to discover the power and movement in the body, but also the stillness, both in body and mind, and to explore the many nuances of joy, sadness, and other emotions of the heart. For many years of her life, Anica has travelled, intrigued by what this globalised world is about, to understand different landscapes, the colourfulness of culture, and the reason for so much inequality.

The most fascinating to her however is what makes all of us humans equal: the ability to move and to feel onto the sound of music. Whether that is in a Berlin nightclub, a Ghanaian funeral, a Caribbean beach, the Ethiopian mountains, a Hungarian wedding. During her sets, Anica weaves those influences into colourful sets, that celebrate diversity, and that honour what unites us all: our journey through this world, on the dance floor, towards ourselves.

πŸ‘‰ CEREMONY - Tom Goldhand πŸ‘ˆ
Tom is a dancer, dance teacher and group facilitator, owner and manager of Sadhana Dance School. Tom sees himself as an improviser, he dances to discover, uncover and recover. In the last years his dance practice gravitated more and more into exploring movement with awareness and this is what he likes to share, whether it is in dance improvisation – the art of here and now, working with a partner in the form of contact improvisation, going deep into authentic movement or high and above into ecstatic form of dancing.

The goal of Ecstatic Dance is not to be beautiful, yet sometimes you will shine like a star. Ecstatic Dance is sometimes mistaken for a party without drugs and shoes, but this doesn't do justice to the depth you can experience. There is a guided opening to guide (or invite) you into the practice, yet you are in charge of the depth you are willing/able to allow.
This event is not a mating ground. Although you probably will meet people and can experience magical connections, we invite you to start with yourself. Hunting on the dance floor creates an unsafe environment. Practice to love yourself first.

β„Ή Doors close at 19:00
We embark on this journey together. We cannot open the door after this.

β„Ή No refunds possible.
Use the Facebook event or Telegram group
to sell your ticket if you can't make it.

β„Ή Address
Studio Monseigneur
Monseigneur van de Weteringstraat 13-A
3581 EA Utrecht

β„Ή Parking
Free parking on Sunday in the area.
Maliebaan usually has plenty of space.
Maliebaan is outside environmental zone.

Sunday 19 February 2023 van 18:30 tot 21:30

Stichting Danscentrum Utrecht, Monseigneur van de Weteringstraat 13-A, 3581 EA Utrecht, Nederland

Over de organisatie

“Embody, move and express. Sense, meditate and celebrate!”

Barefoot dance meditation every two weeks in Utrecht. Express who you are in movement and connect with our tribe.


Ruud Blom

Ecstatic Dance UNIVERSE Utrecht - Sefrijn & Floor

Het was heerlijk, Sefrijn heeft top gedraaid! Fijne sfeer als altijd, heel fijn!! Beste plek voor ED!

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Francel Van Drunen

Ecstatic Dance UNIVERSE Utrecht - Sefrijn & Ty Alexander

Hele fijn energie, mooie uitnodiging om naar binnen te gaan en te luisteren en daarmee te dansen. Bedankt.

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Wiljo Scholten

Ecstatic Dance UNIVERSE Utrecht - Sefrijn & Ty Alexander

MagicMagicMagicMagicMagicMagic en best wel magisch

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CANCELLED - Ecstatic Dance UNIVERSE in Utrecht - Anica & Tom

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