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Queer Desires: Asking for what you *really* want

Sunday 08 September 2024 van 10:00 tot 18:00

Amsterdam, Nederland

Over dit evenement

Consent is about so much more than just saying "yes" and "no". Because how do you even know what you do and don't want? How does that feel in your body? And how do you communicate about that?

During this workshop you will start to get to know your body's communication style, so that you can make more conscious choices about what you do and don't want to do.

As Sinsia's work is grounded in the Wheel of Consent by Betty Martin, the day will be highly experiential, gently paced and designed to help you make choices that work best for you.

We will slow down, take time and space to feel and thus build a more authentic connection with ourselves, and the other.

This workshop will help you say No to things you don’t want, so that you can say a FULL YES to the things you do really want - that will bring you pleasure, joy, connection, and satisfaction.

❧ This event is for you if…
❤️You want to connect with an embodied sense of your desires and limits
🧡 You want to have more fulfilling intimate encounters, grounded in embodied consent
💛 You want to develop better communication skills around your desires and limits, in your intimate life and in other areas of your life

❧ What Will We Explore in this Workshop?
💛Connecting with your inner, embodied sense of what you want and don’t want - how it feels to be a Yes, No, or Maybe
💚 Different ways of expressing your desires, limits, and boundaries
💚 Ways to give and receive Yes’es and No’s
💙Feeling your authentic desire - what do you really want, and where does your mind pull you out of your embodied desire?
💙How it feels to get exactly the thing you want. How does your body respond when you can explore touch in a way that is safe and grounded in consent?
💜This workshop is not about attraction; it is about noticing desires and limits as they come up in the moment. In certain exercises you might ask for touch, and maybe even get it 🙂
💜 While exploring all this we will keep our clothes on

❧ What are the benefits of building Embodied Consent skills?
❤️ Moving away from black and white yes/no thinking, to finding ease in navigating desires from moment-to-moment
🧡 More pleasure and erotic satisfaction by being able to ask for the things you really want
💛 Feeling more agency in your s*xual interactions. Rather than simply going along with something you don’t love, being able to negotiate desires back to a Win-Win for both (or all) partners
💚 More confidence in your erotic and other relationships
💙 Greater sense of ease when connecting with new and old partners
💜 Deeper trust in oneself

❧ Who is this for?
❤️ This workshop is particularly welcoming toward queer / LGBTQIA+ folks who fall anywhere under the umbrella of queerness. We welcome all genders, ages, bodies, and orientations. Sinsia identifies as queer, and has extensive experience in working with queer people.
🧡 Recovering people pleasers: do you feel stuck in having to say Yes to people? Or in going along with things that are not quite as you'd like them?
💛 All levels of experience: we invite anyone to come with a beginner’s mind: what can you learn about yourself and your patterns?

❧ Practicalities
📅 When: September 8, 10.00-18.00
🗺️ Where: Amsterdam North (address on registration)
💵 Price: €130. For those on a low income, tickets are available at €95

❧ About Sinsia
Sinsia is a somatic sex coach who supports (mostly) queer people in creating the sex life of their choice. They specialise in shifting the focus from analysing to feeling, helping clients to integrate mind and body.

In other words: more doing than talking.

She is a Certified Sexological Bodyworker, which means they are trained to be body oriented, trauma informed and client led. They trained with Betty Martin at the School of Consent.

Sinsia worked as an escort for over six years before starting her coaching practice, an experience that informs and enriches their current work. She identifies as a queer, polyamorous, and kinky gender explorer and uses they and she pronouns (as demonstrated in this text 🙂.

Instagram: @Sinsia.TheQueerSexCoach

Sunday 08 September 2024 van 10:00 tot 18:00

Amsterdam, Nederland

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Over de organisatie

Sinsia is a somatic sex coach who supports (mostly) queer people in creating a sex life rooted in choice.

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Queer Desires: Asking for what you *really* want

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