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Primal Play workshop

Friday 09 August 2024 van 19:00 tot 22:00

Veenendaalplein 146, 1106 DD Amsterdam, Nederland

Over dit evenement

We are excited to announce our next Primal Play workshop!

Primal Play is an embodied, non-verbal, relational movement practice for self-discovery and deeper connections. You are invited to step onto the mat and play with one or more people.

In this Primal Play workshop, we'll engage with our whole body & being, diving into our curiosity, and co-creating a space for playful exploration and genuine human connection.

Let's explore the sense of freedom, aliveness, intimacy and authentic expressions in this field of unfolding, moment to moment dynamics of playing together. Sometimes wild, sometimes soft, or slow, or energetic, quiet, every time a surprise. There is no right or wrong. There is no goal. Every dynamic new and unique, and profound.

This evening has a simple and clear design. We begin with guided body awareness exercises to ground and attune to yourself, others and the space. This way you can connect with others within your own boundaries and create a deeper connection with yourself.
Then we move on to Primal Play and from there we will end with a calming, integrating and nourishing partner meditation, the Belly2Belly.

This evening is a great opportunity to practice intimacy & authentic connection in a non-sexual way, and take the embodied experiences, insights and exercises into your own living environment.

During the workshop you will have plenty of opportunities to meet and explore with different people. No experience is required, just your presence and willingness to play in your own unique way.

Everything is an invitation, you don't have to do anything, participation in an activity, and with whom, is your free choice every time.

Let's play, learn, and grow together. We look forward to seeing you on the playground!

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Practical information:

Veenendaalplein 146 Amsterdam
- Free parking

Friday Aug 9 - 2024
Walk in 18.40
We begin the workshop at 19.00 and end at 22.00
with some chill out time after

✦ Investment
€15,- Early Bird ticket until July 26
€19,50 Normal Bird ticket until Aug 4
€33,- per duo ticket
Late Bird ticket €25,50

✦ What to bring
your bottle of water
where comfortable clothing to move freely in

✦ For who?
Primal Play is for anyone seeking to explore self-discovery, physical connection, and embrace their authentic self through playful, embodied, and relational movement practices. No prior experience is required

✦ For questions or more information, please contact us at:
e-mail: thecuddlycommunity@gmail.com
whats-app: +31 647546999

Please take a moment to read the cancellation policy. All questions are very welcome. When you book your ticket, you agree to these cancellation policies:

- If you can no longer attend, you are welcome to sell/give your ticket to someone else.
Send us an email with the name of the person you are transferring your ticket to.
Or else:
- If you cancel up to 2 weeks before the start of the course, 50% of the payment will be refunded
- If you cancel later than 2 weeks before the start of the event, 0% of the payment will be refunded

Facilitators: Stefanie en Nick

✦ Stefanie Leysner
Stefanie has a genuine passion for discovering different ways to build intimate and meaningful connections. Her own path from feeling isolated and trapped in negative relationships to finding freedom and a sense of community drives her dedication to helping others. She strives to create a space within The Cuddly Community where people feel supported and uplifted, guiding them toward healthier and more fulfilling relationships. Stefanie uses her personal insights to make everyone feel welcome and valued, and encourages their growth in a genuine way.

✦ Nick de Kok
Nick is an IT expert in the business sector by day and a group facilitator by night. Nick de Kok brings a wealth of experience in the field of group facilitation, specialized in Circling, Embodied Intimacy and Nonviolent Communication. Driven by a passion for creating spaces where heart-centered communication flourishes, Nick also founded Honest Requests and The Cuddly Couch in Utrecht, combining clear communication with embodiment practices. He focuses on removing the obstacles that prevent us from being authentic and honest with each other.

Together, Nick & Stefanie founded the Cuddly Community.
A transformative group aimed at generating intimacy through. emotional openness, physical connection and playful exploration, in a safe, slow and guided, non-sexual way. To reawaken our need for human connection, from animal to animal, from body to body, from heart to heart. By trusting our bodies and each other, we regain our original innocence, and remember that we are safe.
When we feel safe, we dare to take more risks, live more fully, be more adventures, feel more connected, we play and enjoy, leading to stress relief, aliveness, joy, authenticity, playfulness, deeper intimacy, and heartfelt connections.

Our core mission is to fulfill the primal need for human connection in a safe, respectful and deeply meaningful way.

✦ We look forward to welcoming you and creating an evening of intimacy, discovery and fun together!

Be Welcome


Primal Play as learned in the Embodied Intimacy Training from Buster and Rachel - Belly2Belly created by David Cates

Friday 09 August 2024 van 19:00 tot 22:00

Veenendaalplein 146, 1106 DD Amsterdam, Nederland

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Over de organisatie

“"Intimacy is the art of letting our true selves be seen and cherished."”

Here we practice the art of coming home to yourself again and again, by exploring new and different ways of being and connecting.

In samenwerking met

The Cuddly Community


Evgenii Klimov

Primal Play workshop

Amazing experience every time! We had a large group (16) and a cozy one (8), environment felt differently, but equally safe and allowing for giving and receiving consent and play without overthinking. I developed strong connections and a sense of unity that’s rare and precious

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Amber Knoth

Primal Play workshop

Heel fijne lieve facilitator, rustige opbouw, met aandacht, liefde en gevoel voor de groep. Ze is fantastisch in space houden en veiligheid waarborgen, kan haar iedereen aanraden!

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Primal Play workshop

Wat een heerlijke primal play avond. Mooi hoe jullie zorgen dat de playground een veilige en speelse plek kan zijn. Met aandacht vooraf voor wat het wel is en wat de kaders zijn geeft het grote vrijheid daarbinnen. En dat in een verwelkomende sfeer. Levenslessen en spelen, mooie combinatie! Dank!

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Primal Play workshop

Early Bird ticket until July 26

€ 15,00
Including service fee
Primal Play workshop

normal price ticket until aug 4

€ 19,50
Including service fee
Primal Play workshop

Duo ticket

€ 33,00
Including service fee
Primal Play workshop

Late Bird ticket starts on Aug 5

€ 25,50
Including service fee
Transaction costs :
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Primal Play workshop

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