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Thai Massage ~ Melt upper body tension

Thursday 20 June 2024 van 18:30 tot 21:30

The Sanctuary, Derde Kostverlorenkade 35, Studio Babel, 1054 TS Amsterdam, Netherlands

Over dit evenement

In this 3.5h workshop we will learn techniques to release upper back tension through the beautiful art of Thai massage. 🦋

Thai Massage combines flowing sequences and focused acupressure techniques to create a unique healing therapy. This form of bodywork uses sequences of soft tissue pressing, stretching and movement to strengthen joints, improve flexibility and maintain posture. Sustained acupressure with palms, thumbs, elbows and feet is used to help remove blockages and free the tension inside knotted muscles. Thai massage is incredible because we use our body weight to effortlessly sink into another body rather that exhausting and straining ourselves.

In this workshop you will discover effortless ways to release tension of friends, partners, your parents and whoever else! We will be practicing in pairs, so expect to give and receive throughout - one of the best parts of massage workshops(: You are welcome to invite a partner to practice with, but it is not necessary. No prior experience is required, this is open to lovers of touch, those who wish to deepen their ability to touch mindfully, doulas and other caregivers, manual therapists, and anyone curious! These evenings have been created with the intention to spread more loving touch throughout our communities and so that we can all have the tools to support and nourish one another 🦋

For less than the price of a 1h massage you will recieve more than 1h of massage, and learn to give amazing massages which you can teach to your loved ones so that everyone is happy and pain free !

~ When
Thursday 20th June

~ Where
The Sanctuary - Derde kostverlorenkade 35

~ Exchange
Space is limited to 10 participants

*It is important that you are not suffering from any serious injuries while attending this class.

Looking forward to sharing a playful evening together!

Thursday 20 June 2024 van 18:30 tot 21:30

The Sanctuary, Derde Kostverlorenkade 35, Studio Babel, 1054 TS Amsterdam, Netherlands

Over de organisatie

The House of Maitri sessions are classes/workshops and circles orientated to nourishing all layers of the being.


Ahmet Danisman

Thai Massage ~ Melt upper body tension

Mindfull touching, receiving and giving a dance of unconditional love from your center. Thank you💙

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Alexandra Olijve

Thai Massage ~ Melt upper body tension

Dunja is een ware vakvrouw met veel liefde voor haar werk en voor de mens. Je word warm onthaalt goeie uitleg. Het was erg fijn en een leuke groep. Dankjewel

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Lying with the Wolves 🐺

Wonderful journey and experience as always,

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Thai Massage ~ Melt upper body tension

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