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Authentic Dating Amsterdam ~ Extended Edition

Sunday 26 May 2024 van 15:00 tot 21:30

The Healing Studio Amsterdam, Veenendaalplein 146, 1106 CS Amsterdam, Netherlands

Over dit evenement

Still tired of the swiping? Looking for an opportunity to meet a beautiful and expansive variety of exciting souls to nourish your love life & more?

To warmly welcome the summer, you are invited to a very special extended edition of Authentic Dating Amsterdam, to explore unique encounters of extra quantity and quality! Each encounter will be carefully guided, inviting you to be yourself, to communicate openly, and explore multiples layers and flavours of connection. Come spark a flame or two!

Authentic Dating uses the modality of Authentic Relating to offer top quality connection experiences! Authentic Relating is an interpersonal meditation. It is the practice of listening and speaking in deeper awareness of our present moment sensations, curiosities and boundaries, allowing us to weave richer, more truthful and loving human-to-human connections.

The event will begin at 15.00 with the ceremonial consumption of a love elixir made from hawthorne berries. This heart opening medicine is a locally sourced and lighter alternative to cacao, yet offers similar effects: activating a naturally ecstatitc, open and connective embodied state and reducing social anxiety.

After the ceremony, there will be some blindfolded consensual touch and conversation exercises in pairs, before breaking for dinner at 18.00. By exploring intimacy without sight, you will delve into your intuitive nature, sharpening your capacity for deeper connection. After the dinner break, there will be some more conversation exercises in pairs, without blindfolds. The event will finish by 21.30, with some optional hang out time afterwards for tea & cuddles.

Each interaction will involve a new set of instructions to help you communicate about topics that really matter to you, and will last 15-20 minutes. Pairing selection will be mixture of randomised and choosing for yourself.

Consent is important: you always have the agency to choose how deep you go. You will never be forced to share information that you don't want to.

Authentic Dating welcomes men, women and non-binary people, monogamous and non-monogamous, aged 18+. We will aim to pair you with a gender different from your own.

Is this event for me?

If you are seeking....

Deep & meaningful conversations without small talky chit-chat
Exciting new connections, both romantic & platonic
An opportunity to explore & challenge your assumptions
A chance to taste a ceremonial love elixir
Playful & sincere communication
A space to simply be yourself

....then this event is for you!

Why are tickets sold by gender?

To ensure that the gender balance is as even as possible, it is important to keep track of how many men/women/non-binary people are signing up. If a particular gender is over-represented in the run-up to the event, we do our best to ensure that under-represented gender(s) also sign up.

While we aim to achieve an even balance of genders (and ages), this is not always possible. However, what is guaranteed are skills that you can apply to any relationship. Simply come with an open mind and ready to connect.

Why are tickets sold by income?

In order to make the event as accessible as possible, there are three ticket types available, depending on your level of income. You can use the income level as a guide, but it is ultimately up to you to decide how much you would like to contribute to the event.

If you would really like to attend but do not have the funds for the lowest ticket option, please get in touch and we can figure something out!

The space holders

I'm Laurie, a space holder from the UK. I am dedicated to enabling human-to-human relationships to arise, deepen and flourish. I have organised and facilitated over 200 Authentic Relating, Dating and Embodiment workshops in Oceania and Europe. My training includes The Embody Lab, Authentic Life Course, International School of Temple Arts, and Connection Institute. My portfolio includes internationally acclaimed festivals such as Stretch, and organisations such as ART International.

My workshops have sparked thousands of nourishing connections across Oceania & Europe, turning many strangers into life-long friends. I look forward to holding space for you!
For more information, check out itoiauthenticrelating.com.

Here’s what others have said about Authentic Dating:

"This has been the most positive experience I've had in meeting genuine souls with the intention of finding love/romance for over 6 years" - Matthew, Bristol

"Authentic Dating re-opened an old window for me in a new way. Heaps of fun too! And I did meet a very special person. Highly recommend for anyone curious and keen to connect with depth & joy" - Luca, Berlin

"Thank you so much for creating a space in which such well-aligned people could come together. I can't think of the last time I met so many wonderful, open-minded people in one go like that. It was a real pleasure" - John, Melbourne

"Laurie led us through a series of games and exercises that allowed us to open up and create very real bonds with others and with our own selves. Many emotions were felt in the safest, most welcoming environment" - Jason, Wellington

"I love Laurie’s energy, wisdom, execution and light touch. I felt super safe to open up and connect while he was holding the space" - Tess, Auckland

The Hawthorne Love Elixir ceremony will be led by Iskra Bela, who is an artist, herbalist and a medicine woman. Iskra studied medicinal herbs since 1994, primary in the Balkans area. Since 2016 she grows a permaculture medicine garden in bio-diverse garden park in Amsterdam, Amstelglorie. Iskra uses herbs she grows to make medicinal teas, tinctures, oils, balms and other remedies which you can find on her website:


€69 for those on low income (less than €25,000 p.a)
€79 for those on medium income (between €25,000 and €40,000 p.a)
€89 for those on high income (over €40,000 p.a)

Limited tickets available through Hipsy. Book early to secure your place!

Location: The Healing Studio Amsterdam, Veenendaalplein 146, 1106 CS Amsterdam. Only 30 minutes from Centraal by metro! https://www.thehealingstudioamsterdam.nl/

Time: 15.00 to 21.30. Please be on time!

Dress code: Whatever you're comfortable in.

Intoxicants: This is an alcohol and drug free event. The love elixir has a naturally stimulating effect, but is not psycho-active.

Language: This workshop will be facilitated in English, but feel free to play the games in Dutch if you prefer.

Refunds: No refunds available, but if you cannot make it you may transfer your ticket to someone else or use it as credit for a future i to i event.

Sunday 26 May 2024 van 15:00 tot 21:30

The Healing Studio Amsterdam, Veenendaalplein 146, 1106 CS Amsterdam, Netherlands

Over de organisatie

An interpersonal meditation. Using the practices of radical honesty and active listening, while noticing the changing sensations in our body.

i to i Authentic Relating



We're a catch, find your s*x worker match

Heel leuk en zeer nodig.. Bedankt voor het organiseren en tot de volgende!

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Authentic Dating Amsterdam (ages 30 to 45)

I really like the idea of using authentic relating exercises in a dating context. We're all so burned out by dating apps and this provides a really nice IRL alternative.

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Relational Mindfulness: A training in Authentic Relating & Circling

This workshop was a great experience and I loved the deep dive into authentic relating and circling. I wish it had been day one of a week long training, when the day was finished nobody wanted it to end. The exercises were inspiring and dynamic and the facilitators had created a very warm, supportive, and safe atmosphere. I learned a lot.

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Authentic Dating Amsterdam ~ Extended Edition

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