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Womb to Heart Connection Ritual with Yoni Steaming and Heart Opening

Friday 24 May 2024 van 18:00 tot 21:30

Natuur Tuinpark Amstelglorie, Jan Vroegopsingel 7, 1096 CN Amsterdam, Netherlands

Over dit evenement

Dear sisters,
I would like to invite you for a sisterhood circle for healing of our wombs.

According to many shamanic traditions a womb is a centre of woman’s power. Nowadays, we have so much trouble with our wombs because we have forgotten this ancient wisdom, and because Western way of living has pushed our knowledge to the fringes of our society. Yet connection to our wombs will not only make us healthier, but also help us set our borders, stand up for ourselves and always know what do we want and what we shall let go.
To assist our sisterhood in reclaiming some aspects of this knowledge, I have developed a ritual, based on my eclectic herbalism, shamanic and art practice.

This ritual is a 3 hour long experience that includes 3 parts:

Heart Opening: We will open the circle with drinking Heart Opening Elixir, which I developed as an analogue to ceremonial Cacao. This elixir is made from a local plant Hawthorn, a powerful heart healer. Hawthorn teaches us to open our hearts, while at the same time it's thorns teach us how to keep our healthy borders. Opening circle with this elixir will help us prepare for the practice. At this point we will also set our intentions, what do we want to work on during the practice.

Yoni Steaming: After heart opening and breast massage we will perform Yoni (Vaginal) steaming practice, which is an ancient practice for cleansing and activating of our female organs (womb, ovaries, vagina). For the Yoni steaming we will use herbs from my permaculture medicinal garden. I will carefully prepare special herbs for each one of sisters, based on your personal needs (for this we use a questionary filled in a forehand). This practice is a meditative healing ritual. In the last part of this ritual, if you feel comfortable with touch, you will be assisted with hands on stimulation of pressure points in order to release pent up physical tension and create even more space for healing (massage in clothes).

Movement Practice: Last part of our circle will be a movement practice coming from my Shamanic Dance practice. You will dance and move your body with an idea that the body parts contain memories of past traumas and joys, and that by consciously moving, through the lens of this specific practice, we learn how to recognise and transform our emotions for our own benefit.

The Heart Opening part will contain also guided breast self-massage with a special oil which I have developed for this important and nourishing practice of self-care. This oil may help to cleanse glands of the breast, create more flow and release stagnant emotions.

37 EUR (includes participation, Elixir and Yoni Steaming mix for 1 time use)
44 EUR (includes participation, Elixir and Yoni Steaming mix for 2 time use, which means that you can do one more session at home, and initiate yourself in doing Yoni Steaming on your own)

There are limited spots, please make sure to sign up at least 4 days prior to the ritual, so I have time to prepare your special mix.

Friday 24 May 2024 van 18:00 tot 21:30

Natuur Tuinpark Amstelglorie, Jan Vroegopsingel 7, 1096 CN Amsterdam, Netherlands

Over de organisatie

Iskra's Herbal Alchemy spreads awareness and knowledge of traditional plant medicines, supported by performance-rituals and embodiment dance practice.


Ellen Eiling

Early spring medicinal herbs workshop in Amsterdam - Detox

Iskra is super knowledgeable, passionate and practical about plants, herbs, and natural remedies. It was a pleasure to participate in this workshop and go home with a handful of fresh herbs and some wonderful home made balms and tinctures.

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Magic Microdosing Dance with Iskra Bela and DJ Samaya

I had such amazing time at Branka’s microdosing dance journey! I loved a lot the whole atmosphere, created with a lot of respect and knowledge about the properties used. There was a clear simple introduction and a nice flow into a journey through vocal and movement practices. The music (by dj Samaya) was wonderful! And beautiful presence of Branka filled the space with magic vibes!..

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Anouk Schimmel

Womb to Heart Connection Ritual with Yoni Steaming and Heart Opening

I really loved this womb to heart connection ritual. Branka set a beautiful space. It felt like entering a safe, warm & cozy bath. I felt so empowered during the breast massage part. It made me realize even more that women are so incredible & beautiful. It was my first time doing a yoni steam & I loved doing it with all the other women in one room. I brought a silky skirt with me & that was not the best idea. Because it fell in the water a few times. Next time I will bring a thicker skirt for the steam. I also really loved the drum part at the end. I really felt that Branka was intuitively channeling how and when she needed to activate different parts in my body & soul. I cried afterwards, which was the yummiest release I had in a while. Overall I would totally recommend going to Branka. She is an amazing woman with so much knowledge about plant (medicine) & the woman body. Especially if you did a yoni steam before. I can imagine this is a nice variation to the practice, since it is not done in a chair. I didn’t mind that it was a bit more challenging, because that brought me a lot too. But perhaps some others would want to be more comfortable during this steam for the first time. But you can decide for yourself. Thank you Branka for this wonderful evening! ❤️

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Womb to Heart Connection Ritual with Yoni Steaming and Heart Opening

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