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Womb Wisdom Workshop

Sunday 26 May 2024 van 15:00 tot 17:00

Bluebirds Yoga West | Yogastudio Amsterdam, Jan Evertsenstraat 4-8, 1056 EC Amsterdam, Netherlands

Over dit evenement

The womb has a life of its own, it goes through her own shifts and changes both within the monthly cycle and within our lifetime. It changes shape, expands and contracts, experiences pleasure and pain, joy and hurt. The womb is the organ that carries and brings new life to this Earth and by 'life' we don't only mean human life, rather creation and actualization of projects, ideas, art and more. It is the seat of feminine creative energy. And even when the womb/uterus is removed (hysterectomy) its energy is still alive within your body.

In this workshop you will learn to tune into the wisdom of your womb and pelvic area and explore how this is connected energetically and physically to the heart and the throat. We will move from a gentle flow into restorative postures to end in a nurturing long savasana, while tuning into the feminine qualities of flow, surrender, nurture and deep relaxation and working with the energies of the womb, heart and throat. Expect this practice to feel like a warm hug with elements of voice exploration, self-massage, aromatherapy and ending with a long relaxation accompanied by the sound of frosted quartz crystal sound bowls. There will be time for integration and sharing (if you wish to).

This workshop is for all people born female / with a womb space and is also suitable for pregnant women, however keep in mind that the work we will do does not focus on pregnancy.

You can expect the approximate programme:
15.00 - 15.15 : introduction and intention setting
15.15 - 16.20 : breath work, voice activation, somatic movement, yoga practice
16.20 - 16.50 : sound bath with frosted crystal quartz sound bowls
16.50 - 17.00 : integration

The tickets are non-refundable, but you can transfer them to a friend.

Sunday 26 May 2024 van 15:00 tot 17:00

Bluebirds Yoga West | Yogastudio Amsterdam, Jan Evertsenstraat 4-8, 1056 EC Amsterdam, Netherlands

Over de organisatie

Veronica is a yoga teacher (RYT 500) and a certified somatic coach specialized in female health and well-being.

Veronica Santini



Womb Wisdom Workshop

Veronica's Womb Workshop is such a beautifully curated space for those wanting to reconnect with the energy within. Sometimes life has a way of blocking out the body's calls for help, but this workshop gives you the time to listen, comfort and ultimately heal in wonderfully safe environment. I will be booking another session asap!

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Womb Wisdom Workshop

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