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Workshop - Deepening your contact with others

Tuesday 21 May 2024 van 19:00 tot 21:30

De Roos, Pieter Cornelisz Hooftstraat 183, 1071 BW Amsterdam, Netherlands

Over dit evenement

This workshop is one in a series of 5 independent yet connected workshops for people seeking more meaningful and authentic contact with themselves and others.

This workshop focuses on understanding what drains and enhances our sense of connectedness and developing skills to foster deeper contact with others. We will practice opening up and vulnerability, hone active listening and curiosity, and learn to appreciate and savour each other's presence. Finally, in the spirit of learning from and with each other, we will experiment with giving and receiving feedback!

Each workshop focuses on a specific theme that we will explore through different practices. Every session is designed to provide a safe space where we can experiment and learn from and with each other through different experiential activities. This may include guided individual practices, interactive group discussions, creative exercises, pair verbal and non-verbal.

You can attend one, some, or all workshops based on your interests. While attending multiple workshops will allow you to broaden and deepen your experience, each session stands alone, offering you a valuable, holistic experience.

A space where you can come as you are and…
- Take part in the creation of a new experience together alongside people who acknowledge and support you.
- Embrace your creative and curious sides.
- Have fun! Discover how depth and playfulness can not only co-exist but also enhance each other.
- Cultivate skills that will allow you to enjoy and savour the contact.
- Become part of a community of like-minded and like-hearted people.

The workshop series starts with two workshops on noticing what is going on within us, including our mental, emotional and physical states, and exploring how these are interconnected. We will learn how we can look at our sensations, feelings and thoughts with curiosity and compassion and use them to inform our actions.
The next two workshops explore how these internal experiences shape and are shaped in our interactions with others. We will experiment with expressing ourselves, communicating our needs and boundaries, and supporting others in doing the same.
In the final workshop of our series, we’ll further explore authentic and purposeful engagement with the world, using our values to guide our actions and expand our sense of belonging.

Workshop 1: Connecting with your senses & emotions
Workshop 2: Exploring your thoughts & behaviours
Workshop 3: Embracing contact with others while honouring yourself
Workshop 4: Deepening your contact with others
Workshop 5: Engaging authentically and meaningfully with the world

Hello! We are Kim and Ania, two curious minds passionate about fostering genuine connections. We believe that magic happens when we can engage authentically, explore curiously and savour experiences fully. As lifelong learners, we continually seek new ways to explore ourselves, others and the world around us and we are excited to co-create a space with other people who want to join us.

We are both Gestalt therapists in training and we have experience supporting a diverse range of people across different contexts.

Ania: “With my math and computer science background, I started my career in IT in a worldwide corporation more than 10 years ago. In the course of years filled with the implementation of trailblazing technologies and digital tools in the business environment, I found myself more and more immersed in connecting with colleagues in more perspectives than just alignment on actions and expected deliverables. I entered a new path becoming a team facilitator, mentor and coach on a company level. I got a lot of drive from leading meaningful programs on a scale (non-violent communication, servant leadership, psychological safety and others), and now I'm exploring a more intimate and close setup where i can reach out to people directly and with an exceptional depth”

Kim: "While pursuing my bachelor's degree in natural sciences at the University of Cambridge, I quickly realised that I missed the “human element” in my studies. This realisation, alongside my growing passion for wellbeing and mental health prevention, prompted me to specialise in psychology in my last year. Consequently, I pursued further degrees in clinical psychology (MSc.) at the University of Warwick and clinical nutrition & eating disorders (MSc.) at UCL. Following my studies, I worked in the mental health sector in London before relocating to the Amsterdam, where I did additional training in coaching and counseling. Over the past four years, I've been working as a freelance coach, and more recently, I’ve started exploring facilitating groups. As an Expat and third culture kid, I'm love engaging with people from diverse backgrounds and strive to work in a culturally sensitive and inclusive way.”

- Language: English
- Please arrive 10 minutes before the starting time.
- Materials & refreshments: we will provide all the materials and refreshments (tea, water, snacks). You may want to bring a small notebook and pen.

1. What approaches are used in the workshops?
We take an integrative approach that combines elements of Gestalt psychology, mindfulness, embodiment, non-violent communication (NVC), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and therapeutic arts.

2. Is prior experience required to participate in the workshops?
These workshops are for anyone who has an interest in deepening their self-awareness and exploring contact with themselves and others. Previous experience or knowledge is not necessary, just a willingness to take part in the workshop and try the activities.

3. Would you like to participate but have limited resources?
To make our workshops accessible, we have a couple of low-cost tickets for participants facing financial constraints. Please reach out to request this!

Questions? Get in touch with us :)

If you are no longer able to attend the event, please reach out to us. Cancellations made 7 days or more in advance of the event date, will receive a full refund. For cancellations made within 1 - 6 days, we offer the option to transfer your ticket to another event (if available) or another person (such as a friend who can attend in your place). Cancellations made within 24 hours are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Tuesday 21 May 2024 van 19:00 tot 21:30

De Roos, Pieter Cornelisz Hooftstraat 183, 1071 BW Amsterdam, Netherlands

Over de organisatie

“Awareness creates choices. Practice creates capacity - Amanda Blake”

We run workshops and events for people seeking more meaningful and authentic contact with themselves and others.


Maria Kuleshova

Workshop - Engaging authentically and meaningfully with the world

It was an incredibly deep and tender experience of sensing and finding myself in contact with the outside world and other people. I highly recommend it if you are on your way of self-discovery

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Workshop - Engaging authentically and meaningfully with the world

This workshop and the other four of the series really warmed my heart. Kim and Ania did a wonderful job hosting and guiding the participants through the various, creative exercises. I definitely learned more about myself and shared some beautiful, vulnerable moments with the group that always consisted of really lovely people.

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Eugenia Chumachkova

Workshop - Connecting with your senses & emotions

What a wonderful experience! This workshop provided a much-needed opportunity for relaxation and connection with like-minded individuals, all within a short timeframe. Really appreciate Kim and Anya's efforts! The workshop offered a chance to ease my anxiety and gain valuable insights, leaving me with a sense of fulfillment and warmth. A heartfelt thank you to all involved!

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Workshop - Deepening your contact with others

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