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Energy Orgasms 101: Ritual Release Ecstasy | One-Day Workshop & Temple

Saturday 02 March 2024 van 10:00 tot 23:59

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Over dit evenement

❤️ Do you long to go deeper into pleasure?
❤️ Do you hear people talk about 'energy' but you just can’t feel it?
❤️ Do your triggers and patterns prevent you from truly connecting with joy and orgasmic pleasure?
❤️ Do you want to go beyond pleasure and harness the power of life energy, for healing, growth and magic?

Join us on our journey home to the body. Towards releasing the ‘blocks’ that stand in our way. Towards orgasmic pleasure throughout the body. Towards circulating sexual energy to enter altered states of consciousness that enable healing and wisdom.
Our birthright is joy. Embodied joy.

🖤🖤 In this One Day Workshop & Temple, you will have the opportunity to....

- Take part in a ritual in which many will experience release, delight and a full-body energetic orgasm
- Learn a powerful technique that you can practice at home to experience a full-body energetic orgasm and access a healing altered state of consciousness
- Learn basic tantric massage techniques for all levels of intimacy and experience
- Learn how to listen to your body's ‘yes’ and ‘no’ so that you can make choices fully aligned with your boundaries
- Begin to uncover patterns of thinking, beliefs and behaviour that hold you back in life, preventing the ‘flow’ of energy in the body and limiting your capacity for pleasure
- Understand the tantric concept of polarity and how to 'polarise' through focusing attention
- Learn how to create rituals in which magic can occur and take part in an ancient Tibetan ‘fire’ meditation to discover your ‘higher purpose’
- Undertake effective ‘integration exercises’ that support you to fully benefit from profound experiences
- Practice all that you have learned in a free-flow temple
- Have the option to stay the night in a beautiful farmhouse in nature, to continue, to practice, play and relax after the temple closes.

🖤🖤 Welcome to Energy Orgasms 101

Whether you’re totally new to tantra, temples and sex-positive spaces, or whether you are experienced in these approaches and spaces, you will find value and meaning at this one-day workshop and temple. We take innovative approaches to practices not commonly shared outside of extended tantric training programs. We focus on supporting integration so you can fully benefit from the profound experiences.

We have a clear focus on boundaries and consent to empower you to connect with others ONLY in a way where your body is a full “yes!”. We will support you to ensure that you do only what feels in alignment to you and for you.

We have multiple variations of every exercise for every level of comfortability with the different partners that you might be working with. We will support you stay within both your boundaries and any partner agreements you may have.

We are LGBTQIA+ inclusive and encourage people from diverse communities to attend. Whatever your gender and/or sexual orientation, the techniques and teachings shared can be potent and transformative.

🖤🖤 What to expect…

We will begin by creating a container in which you will learn to become aware of your body's real ‘yes’s and ‘no’s and are empowered to stay within your boundaries.

We will go on to work with ‘darkness’ so as to shed ‘light’ on the patterns, beliefs and behaviours which cause tension in your body and prevent energy from ‘flowing’. We will take cathartic approaches to the release of these ‘blocks’.

Now that energy is more able to move freely in the body, you will learn tantric techniques to work with this potent force, including becoming sensitive to our ‘energy bodies’; intuitive touch and tantric massage methods. You will take part in an ancient Tibetan meditation to help you connect with your higher purpose. You will learn how to create rituals in which magic can occur and a potent method that enables a full-body orgasm in which you enter an ‘ecstatic state’ of altered consciousness.

Once you have understood these techniques, we combine all of these elements in a powerful ritual in which most will experience release, delight and a full-body energetic orgasm in which you will enter a profound ecstatic state where healing may occur and insights may arrive.

Throughout the workshop, integration exercises will support you in processing your experience so you can fully benefit from the exercises.

We will end with a free-flow temple space where you can practice all that you have learned.

There will be dedicated quiet areas and spaceholders on hand at all times to offer support.

🖤🖤 Your Facilitator

//Wave Davis
Wave has undertaken many years of extensive tantric training. His teachers have included Alan Lowen (Art Of Being) and Pema (Wild Tantra). He has years of experience in healing modalities from non-Western and Western traditions such as Dearmouring (Gaia Method), Zen Buddism (Thich Nhat Hanh), CBT, EMDR, and NVC.
He is deeply connected with several plant medicines including Mappacho and Ayuashsca having spent months in the Lareto region of the Amazon rainforest learning from Maestro Heberto Garcia. Wave is also a writer, facilitator and activist, currently leading a project to learn from indigenous communities.

Wave will be assisted by his partner Diane Benefice and a team of experienced spaceholders.

Praise for Wave Davis

“Wave gave us one of the greatest gifts for our relationship. It really felt like he was putting all of his love and energy into guiding us through the experience. It's a very intimate and vulnerable space and he held it in a remarkable way. He gave us a tool to strengthen and deepen our bond, which we are now incorporating and the results are unbelievable. We were on the very brink of breaking up and this ritual created an incredibly deep connection that brought us back to a place of closeness and compassion and honestly saved our relationship. We can't thank him enough” - Nati

“The workshop was extremely powerful and with his guidance, we felt very safe and committed. On a technical level, there's a lot to take in, understand and keep in mind, and still, Wave made it much easier with how he guided us and helped us focus on the crucial parts” - Space Monkey

“Loved it. I felt safe, connected. The best temple I've experienced in terms of truly bringing together sacredness & sexuality. I want to join every future temple by them” - Ariana Lara Norcia

“Inspiring…creating a pure and safe environment with clear rules around consent. By doing their exercises my (sexual) energy got activated to such an extent that even the next day, the slightest touch or look of my girl had me experience full-body orgasms throughout the whole day. Recommended!” - Frank

🖤🖤 A tantric perspective on emotion, orgasm & ecstasy…

When our bodies are relaxed, without tension or trauma, the simple smell of fresh earth, or of rain on skin, can fill the whole body with orgasmic sensations, with feelings of delight.

To arrive here it is helpful to understand emotion, orgasm and ecstasy from a tantric perspective:

*Emotion* is ‘energy’ in ‘motion’. It is when emotions get ‘trapped’ or stuck in particular places in our bodies that many common problems, both physical and mental occur. However, when emotion can flow freely throughout the body, waves of intense and sustained orgasmic pleasure can be triggered throughout the entire body. This can enable ‘ecstatic states* of altered consciousness where healing can occur and insights can arrive. It is this understanding of ‘orgasm’ that we will be working with, it is intense and wonderful, and it has little to do with peak pleasurable sensations in the sex.

🖤🖤 Practicalities

📆 Date and Time:
Saturday 2nd March 2024
Doors 09:30 / Opening Circle 10:00 - Closing Circle 00:00

A truly stunning venue, a beautiful farmhouse in Amsterdam, easily accessible both by public transport and by car.
There is an option to stay overnight, in a comfortable and cosy shared attic room.
The exact address will be sent via email

💰 Financial Contribution:

❤️ We are now offering 35% Discount for those with a female body regardless of gender or sexual orientation ❤️


- Low Income Solo €85 / Duo €160
- Standard Solo €135 / Duo €230 (a €40 discount if bought together with a friend/partner)
= Solo High Income Solo €185 / Duo €360
- Optional overnight stay €55 including breakfast

We also have a small number of energy-exchange spaces please email us for more information (info@paradigmplay.org

By offering different price points, we aim to make this event as inclusive as possible, while also trusting you to pick the energetic exchange that feels fair. We are dependent on high earners paying more in order to make this event accessible to others of more limited means.

🥗 Food:
Lunch: please bring a potluck lunch and snacks to keep you going
Dinner: we will provide a tasty vegan evening meal
Breakfast: for those staying overnight on the Sat 2nd will provide a healthy wholesome breakfast the next morning

👜 Please bring:
- Blindfold or something to cover your eyes (it’s important that everyone has one, so bring extras if you have)
- Pen & Notebook
- A sacred or sentimental item for the altar
- Towel or sarong
- Massage oil
- Water Bottle
- Snacks

👗 Dress:
Workshop: wear something comfortable
Ritual & Temple: wear whatever makes you feel happy, open, relaxed and a little sexy


IMPORTANT: Please read our Workshop, Ritual & Temple Boundaries BEFORE booking a ticket.
You can find this information here:

Saturday 02 March 2024 van 10:00 tot 23:59

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Over de organisatie

Paradigm Pills runs creative unexpected transformative events with the aim of to support people to experience paradigmatic shifts in their lives

Paradigm Pills



Energy Orgasms 101: Ritual Release Ecstasy | One-Day Workshop & Temple

It was my first time in such a workshop, and I loved it! Wave and Tom are amazing facilitators.

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Lisa Bruin

Energy Orgasms 101: Ritual Release Ecstasy | One-Day Workshop & Temple

Absolutely loved Wave his devotion, passion and teachings. Wave feels solid and safe. A full day with lots of deep insights and release. Thank you Wave and Tom!

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Ariana Lara Norcia

Energy Orgasms 101: Ritual Release Ecstasy | One-Day Workshop & Temple

Really profound, as in life changing. An combination of deep tantric practices, integration and care. The fascilitator(s) have a deep sense of how to create deep change, how to shift patterns and the care that is needed afterwards. So many details were taken into account! I also loved the venue, the food, the surrounding nature. Can't recommend this enough ❤️

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Energy Orgasms 101: Ritual Release Ecstasy | One-Day Workshop & Temple

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