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KUNDALINI Activation | Facilitator training APRIL | IRELAND

Thursday 04 April 2024 om 10:00 tot Sunday 07 April 2024 om 18:00

The Deerstone Eco Hideaway, The Deerstone Luxury, Laragh East, Laragh, Co. Wicklow, A98 K599, Ierland

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KUNDALINI TOUCH | Facilitator Training
by Irene Phillips
04 – 07 APRIL 2024
Thank you for your interest in the Kundalini Touch Facilitator Training, energetic activation by Irene. Hereby you will find some practical information, before registering yourself into the course.
Experiencing an activated kundalini (for over 22 years), embodying the benefits of a constant flow of activated life force energy, my mission is to share the Kundalini wisdom with others. I have had the privilege to guide hundreds of people safely and lovingly in their kundalini awakening. 
In the Kundalini Touch facilitator training, I am passing on my knowledge and experience regarding kundalini energy to others, for them to pass it on and so on. If you have experienced the power of kundalini yourself and feel the calling to intensify this energy in yourself and to work with it, this Facilitator training intensive is for you. 
Each person that becomes “meta-adapted” to metamorphosis means a colossal jump forward for humanity as a whole. When kundalini is active we ignite those around us simply with our presence, with a power that works directly from body to body and heart to heart. 
When we dare to take on our own (ongoing) process of deep healing and transformation, we can experience the realization of being the one, a shift in awareness that life is about who you can be for others. Kundalini is the transformative fire that burns through and transforms all illusions, blocks, neurosis, bad wiring and damage of various kinds. Initiating the opening of human energies, fully, to the larger energies of earth and cosmos. Finding yourself in a universal connection to all that is, which will open you up to walk your unique path in life. Feeling an unstoppable drive for passing on your knowledge and experience onto others. 
During the 4-day Kundalini Facilitator training intensive, I will be guiding you in: your own energy process, physical embodiment awareness, various exercises, opening up your own channel for personal transformation, facilitating one on one sessions and group sessions. And, as important, the integration of all that is learned, taking concrete action in your life and creating a strong community base for support after the training.
✵ Increase your overall awareness
✵ Following your inner spirit guidance
✵ Connect to your natural ecstatic state at any time
✵ Discover how you can attract what you want for yourself in your life
✵ Experiencing the benefits of your own medicine within yourself
✵ Develop your unique signature way of working
✵ A deeper connection to other people, animals, nature, etc.
✵ Following your intuition on a whole new level
✵ Being open to connect to the cosmic power within you
✵ Creating new pathways, new you, new futures
✵ Being grateful for life
The Deerstone Retreat Center
Wicklow (near Dublin)
This training consists of a combination of theory, exercise, practical energy work, activations, giving and receiving.
> Receiving activations by Irene (2 sessions), individual process
> Practice activation; 1 on 1 sessions
> Practice activation; group sessions
> Practice activation; group sessions, afternoon open event (external participants)
Including: Various ceremonies, including cacao and blue lotus.
Various styles: somatic movement, dance, meditation, sharing circles.
Skill level: beginner, intermediate, advanced
Mental, physical, emotional, energetic, spiritual and sexual body
Preparing the body to ascend kundalini
Balancing feminine and masculine
Connection to source
Holding space: creating a safe vibrational field
Different types of transmissions
Theoretical and practical part of canalization of energy
Opening and experience the auric field
Activation of the pineal gland
Opening the chakras
Non-dual states of consciousness
Physical embodiment exercises
Tantric & Taoist philosophy integration
Kundalini Awakening Symptoms
Music and sound vibrations
Food as medicine
How to organize your events
Photoshoot (optional)
The Kundalini Touch facilitator training enables you to independently facilitate private and group sessions. This training is very suitable for healers and facilitators in the field of energetic work, coaching, bodywork, breath work, yoga, meditation, dance, tantra, etc. who want to apply kundalini energy work for their clients.
The Kundalini Touch facilitator training is highly suitable for facilitators in the field of energetic work, coaching, bodywork, breath work, yoga, meditation, dance, tantra, etc., who want to apply Kundalini energy work for their clients.
I have trained approximately 40 facilitators in various countries, including the Netherlands, Belgium, Curaçao, Sweden, Ireland, England, and Bali. I love working with small intimate groups to provide more personal attention to the students.  
An important part of this training is the practice of energy work and activating the Kundalini energy for yourself and others. During the five day immersion you will be able to practice in a safe environment with your fellow students.
After successfully completing the training:
> You are capable of independently facilitating private and group sessions.
> You will receive a certificate.
> You become part of a network of Kundalini Touch facilitators worldwide.
> As a Kundalini Touch facilitator, you are welcome to participate (free of charge) in Kundalini Touch events globally. You can join as an assistant, co-facilitator or participant (free of charge).
> You can join Zoom meetings and Facilitator gatherings.
> You are free to engage in any form of collaboration with other facilitators (regardless of the modality).

Part 1, morning
from 10.00-13.00 hrs
Lunch break from 13.00-14.00 hrs
Part 2, afternoon
from 14.00-18.00 hrs
(incl. short break)
Evening Friday: until 20.00 hrs
Keep the rest of the evenings free to allow for integration
The Facilitator training is an intensive and full program, the Kundalini energy will be activated several times a day. Energy work can initiate many inner processes, both mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. Make sure you are in good shape.
€1500 - shared cottage (2 pers), all included
€1650 - single room (1 pers), all included
Including: 3 nights (Thursday, Friday, Saturday) and all meals: breakfast, lunch & dinner. 
What is not included?
- Travel costs, Flights costs, Airport transfer,
Travel insurance, Visa fee, etc.
- Additional treatments/sessions
After your registration, there will be an intake via Zoom, to find out about your Kundalini experience.
Before the call you will be asked to fill in a questionnaire.
You can register yourself here, by paying a deposit of €50
(If there is a reason to not participate after the admission interview, your deposit will be refunded. This amount can be deducted from your payment later).
Payment of the full tuition will guarantee your spot in the training (payment plan possible).
Please be aware that, given the limited number of spots and high demand, the training is expected to fill up quickly. The group size will be larger than usual, approximately 14 participants.
If you would like to receive more information or if you like a conversation, you can reach me at:
E-mail: info@miss-phillips.com
Phone: +31 653245621
I’m very much looking forward to meeting you in the next facilitator training!
Miss Phillips
* By participating in the Kundalini Touch Facilitator Training you declare that you have read and agreed to the general terms and conditions.
“I’m so thankful for this course! Irene is holding the space in such a lovingly and deep intuitive way. I've learnt a lot about life, myself and this method. I go from the course with a joyful and thankful feeling that this is my path and that it's possible for me now to share it further.—“
Cecilia Kindval, Coach breath work
Facilitator Training, Sweden

“I feel like everything around me is moving so fast while I’m learning to live a slower lifestyle. I sense that things are moving so quickly and I keep shifting between the different dimensions, it’s spectacular. So much has changed already even from the training.
I’m so entertained by life’s events unfolding, and taking extra time to be grateful for everything.”
Nia Kins,
Personal development coach, The Kins Journey
Facilitator Training Bali

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“Establishing a healthy relationship with yourself and others”

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KUNDALINI Activation | Facilitator training APRIL | IRELAND

I recently completed the Kundalini Activation facilitator training with Irene and it was an exceptional experience. Irene is incredibly knowledgeable and kind, creating a warm and supportive learning environment. The course is very well-structured, with each module building on the last to provide a comprehensive understanding of Kundalini activation. Irene’s unique personal touch, incorporating various dearmouring techniques, adds depth and effectiveness to the sessions. This training was everything I was looking for and more. Irene’s expertise, kindness and innovative approach make her an outstanding facilitator and trainer. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested to facilitate Kundalini Activation sessions

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KUNDALINI Activation Opleiding MEI | Facilitator training NEDERLAND

Wow wat een ontzettend mooie intense reis was dit. Dankbaar dat ik de Kundalini facilitator opleiding bij Irene gevolgd heb. Samen met een groep lieve mooie vrouwen dit mogen ervaren. Dankjewel lieve Irene ❣️🙏 Met veel liefde geef ik de kundalini energie door aan anderen.

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Ninge Huijser

KUNDALINI Activation Opleiding APRIL | Facilitator training NEDERLAND

Dit was werkelijk een onvergetelijke ervaring. Irene is zo een fijn en lief mens, haar opbouw en rust gaven mij veel zelfvertrouwen. Het was thuiskomen. Ik heb meerdere kundalini sessies bij verschillende Facilitators gedaan maar hetgeen wat ik miste heb ik hier gevonden. Een duidelijke werkwijze met met focus op het naar binnen treden en veilige en mooie begeleiding. Ook prachtige oefeningen tussendoor mogen ervaren. Heel dankbaar voor deze ervaring en zo fantastisch dat ik dit door mag geven. Irene nogmaals super bedankt voor alles, de liefde en aandacht en het proces. Liefs Ninge

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KUNDALINI Activation | Facilitator training APRIL | IRELAND

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