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Transformational Journey with Tibetan Breathwork & Yoga.

Sunday 18 February 2024 van 13:00 tot 15:00

Bluebirds, Louise Wentstraat 186, 1018 MS Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Transformational Journey with Tibetan Breathwork & Yoga.

Dive into this transformative workshop, a contemporary application of age-old traditions, blending breathwork, yoga, and meditation for a modern approach to well-being.  

What to Expect:
Explore the source and effects of the practices, guided by our facilitator.
Receive clear instructions, engage in a brief and enjoyable warm-up, and participate in a 1.5-hour inner journey to explore feelings and thought patterns.
Personal assistance with breathing through massage techniques (optional).
Evocative music to guide the inner process.
A small group for ultimate personal guidance and deeper experience.

Elevate "happy chemicals."
Release stress, enhance energy.
Improve focus, process emotions.
Address burnout, depression, ADHD.
Cultivate creative insights.

Experiential, not theory-focused.
No prior experience needed.
Rooted in Tibetan Buddhism, no specific beliefs required.

Afterwards, there will be time for a cup of tea, questions and optional sharing. 


Sunday 18 February 2023 13:00 till 15:00
Bluebirds Oost, Louise Wentstraat 186, 1018 MS Amsterdam.

Investment : €35,-

Your Facilitator, Ivar van Hoorn:

Dedicated to guiding individuals from imbalance to well-being, Ivar, a former filmmaker, turned to meditation and yoga after experiencing burnout. With a unique perspective gained from three years in a Tibetan Buddhist Community in Southern France, Ivar delved into diverse disciplines to transform burnout and depression.

Fascinated by the breathwork science, he earned a B-Mind Method certificate, trained with Jerome Wehrens (one of Wim Hof’s earliest students), and became a certified Buteyko Breathing. Ivar’s transformative approach, curated from extensive research, blends the most effective yoga, meditation, and breathwork techniques into a musical cinematic journey.

Ivar also works as a massage therapist, mindfulness trainer and creativity coach.

Cardiovascular problems, high blood pressure
Psychological conditions, epilepsy, active trauma or PTSD, history of psychose
Recente surgery or injury

In case of any of the conditions mentioned above, it is not advisable to join the breathing session or follow it at a low or moderate intensity.
It might still be beneficial though to follow the yoga and meditation
For questions contact Ivar van Hoorn at ivar@breathwork.amsterdam.
Also please contact your health provider if a breathing session is suitable for you at this moment.

Email: ivar@breathwork.amsterdam

Website: breathwork.amsterdam

Instagram: @ivar_breathe_move_create

Sunday 18 February 2024 van 13:00 tot 15:00

Bluebirds, Louise Wentstraat 186, 1018 MS Amsterdam, Netherlands

Over de organisatie

“Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless & add what is specifically your own”

Breathwork, Tantra Yoga/Meridian Stretching/meditation from authentic Indian, Tibetan, Japanese Yoga. The practices are science/evidence-based.

Breathwork.Amsterdam/The MindBodyLab.


Dora Boelens

Transformational Journey with Tibetan Breathwork & Yoga.

The event of the Transformational Journey with Tibetan Breathwork and Yoga was a beautiful and deep experience to me. Ivar, with his wide theoretical and practical knowdlege and attentive, empathetic attitude created a very safe and peaceful environment for us to be able to connect to our feelings and some suppressed emotions. I would really recommend to try breathwork with Ivar for people, who - just like me-, tend to overanalyse and seek to find explanations for everything. It was a beautiful experience, especially during the second part of the "journey", just to FEEL instead of thinking and talking. I definitely felt relieved, more at peace and grounded after the event. Thank you!

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Transformational Journey with Tibetan Breathwork & Yoga.

Na twee uur ademwerk was ik weer helemaal 'hier' en vol met fijne, happy hormones. Met eenvoudige en effectieve technieken die je thuis makkelijk kunt toepassen. De begeleiding van Ivar is zorgvuldig en professioneel. Hij weet wat hij doet. Aanrader!

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Transformational Journey with Tibetan Breathwork & Yoga.

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