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Yoni Journey

Wednesday 10 January 2024 van 19:30 tot 22:00

Amsterdam, Nederland

Over dit evenement

Dear beautiful woman,

For the start of the next year, you are invited to go on a Yoni Journey with a wonderful group of magical women.

☾ Are you ready to deeply explore what intimacy and sexuality mean to you?
☾ To strengthen your relationship with your vulva/ yoni & womb?
☾ To heal what is holding you back from fully embodying the powerful, sensual woman that you are?

Throughout January we will meet weekly on Wednesday evenings. Tuning into the phases of the moon and her flowing of energies, we will move through a journey of practical exercises, powerful ceremonies and vulnerable sharings around what it means to walk this earth in a female body. All within a safe, nurturing and warm field of sisterhood.

Since we will embarking on this journey together, to get the most of this program you ideally commit to being present all four sessions.

New Moon
10 January - New Beginnings and Intention setting
How can we take care of ourselves and our needs, and create a safe space with other women where we can authentically be ourselves?

First Quarter
17 January - Action
How can we commit to fully embodying the powerful, cyclical, sensual woman that we all are?

Full moon
24 January - Celebration and Release
What wisdom does our Yoni carry, and how can we tune in better to listen to her guidance?

Last Quarter
31 January - Transformation and Forgive
What old patterns, pain and grief needs to be transformed and forgiven to step into this new version of ourselves?

This winter edition is especially exciting, because we will dive into the archetypical journey of MAIDEN to MOTHER. Whether you have had children does not matter - as it’s an initiation into the Mature Feminine.

Also on top of that we will be accompanied by the inspiring Ani Rose Deal, talented musician, Soul Songwriter and founder of the Brussels-based Pussy Lab, to musically guide our journeys into our deep feminine essence.

☾ About your host Brigitte

Coming from a background of anthropology and filmmaking, about three years ago Brigitte made the documentary Bloody Hormones on the pill and the female cycle. Little did she know, that it would unleash her into a search about the depths of womanhood, female pleasure, womb wisdom, yoni healing and sacred sexuality. It is now her honor and pleasure to now share what she learned, and facilitate woman’s circles in the form of Yoni Journeys.

With her current project The Earth Woman it is Brigitte her mission to remind people of their powerful essence, to feel more authentically alive and deeply connected to themselves and others. By an inherently personal approach, Brigitte bravely embraces vulnerability - inviting others to do the same. She is known for her grounded and loving presence, and that she does not shy away from radical honesty and cutting through bullshit when necessary.

To watch the documentary Bloody Hormones: https://www.2doc.nl/documentaires/2020/05/bloody-hormones.html
Bringing in many years experience in media, Brigitte also works as a photographer/ filmer for authentic shoots, and is a badass editor. She is based in Amsterdam.

☾ Dates - Wednesday evenings in January: 10, 17, 24 & 31
☾ Time - 19.30 - 22.00
☾ Venue - Location central Amsterdam near Vondelpark, more information upon signing up
☾ Investment - 99 euro’s for the full Journey

Please do reach out through the contact form if you're interested. We can also schedule a call in case you have any questions.

Looking forward to welcoming you and taking this journey together in January.

Wednesday 10 January 2024 van 19:30 tot 22:00

Amsterdam, Nederland

Over de organisatie

Conscious Intimacy workshops | Yoni Journeys | Holistic Bodywork & Energy Healing sessions | Authentic Photography & Media Production

Yoni Journey

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