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The Sacred StripClub

Saturday 24 February 2024 van 13:30 tot 22:30

Hagestraat 10, 2011 CV Haarlem, Netherlands

Over dit evenement

Create lasting confidence through authentic sensuality 🔥
- Would you like to feel more confident?
-Would you like to rewrite old programming about what is/isn't sexy?

Welcome to the 1st Conscious Stripclub in a church 💒
* Limited spots available *

We believe nothing is more $exy then realness. That's why Conscious Lap dance centers the dancer's authentic expression.

✨ Workshop & Stripc|ub can be followed seperately or together.
✨ All genders
✨ All levels

• W O R K S H O P •
S e n s u a l E m b o d i m e n t &
C o n s c i o u s L a p d a n c e
The first part of this event is designed to bring you in connection with your sensual embodiment (reaaally feeling instead of faking/ performing) and will teach you lap dance moves.
Learn to center your pleasure & move from that space through breathwork, pelvic yoga, sensual dance.

Enter a free flow evening with sense activation, performance, lapdance area (give/& receive), (partner) dance.

☀️ P R O G R A M ☀️
D o o r s O p e n W o r k s h o p
14.00-17.00 W o r k s h o p - Sensual Embodiment & Conscious Lapdance
17.00-19.00 B r e a k
19.00-22.30 S a c r e d S t r i p C l u b

🌟 G u i d e l i n e s :
* Spaceholders present for emotional support
* You are always welcome to skip exercises/ do things differently
* You can always say no to a dance/ pause/ change your mind

∞ R e v i e w s :
"This was such a healing and empowering session. I really loved every moment and met some beautiful souls too. The instructor, Ariana, has such a soothing way about her. I felt zen just being in her presence and she really cultivates and maintains this vibe throughout the entire session"
"My first time going here and doing anything like this, but felt very comfortable and welcome during the session. I will definately come back "

* Can I join as a beginner/ complete newbie?
- Absolutely! Through a combination of breathwork, yoni yoga and sensual flow I will show you the beauty that is available in even the most simple movements. I will also introduce new (lap)dance material in a step by step manner.
* Do I have to interact with others during the str!pc|ub?
- No, in fact we totally honor and support you in taking care of what you need moment to moment.
* What should I wear?
- If you plan to dance wear something that won't accidentally slip off when you don't want it to. Bring a couple of options!

* * * YOUR F A C I L I T A T O R * * *
ARIANA is a tantrika & sensuality coach working with eros to create both transformational healing and deep-felt pleasure. While studying dance in 2016 she immersed herself into tantra, and bio-dynamic therapy. And has been fascinated by healing modalities ever since. Ariana is the creatress of SoulSeductress and Conscious Lapdance, she leads online selfpleasure & selfdevelopment journeys, and facilitates 1-on-1 containers for embodied healing.

* No refunds, however you can give/ sell your ticket to someone else. Please send us a message with their full name in this case.

Saturday 24 February 2024 van 13:30 tot 22:30

Hagestraat 10, 2011 CV Haarlem, Netherlands

Over de organisatie

“Empower yourself to empower the world”

We believe nothing to be more sexy than realness. This is why we centre authentic expression above all else during our sensual embodiment events.



Conscious Stripclub - create lasting confidence

Hele fijne workshop met een goede opbouw. Ik voelde me daardoor veilig.

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Marnix Lamers

The Empowered StripC|ub

Very nice and safe atmosphere. I had a marvelous experience. So thanksful. While (lap)dancing, something bigger than the 'normal me' happened to me! I made moves in such a flow, this was awesome. I will get back!

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The Sacred StripClub

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