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Authentic Connection - Intermediate

Wednesday 29 November 2023 van 19:00 tot 22:30

Europalaan 20, 3526 KS Utrecht, Nederland

Over dit evenement

Prepare to embark on a journey of self-discovery, filled with laughter, heart-opening warmth, and genuine care. Through this experience, we enhance our capacity to experience abundance in our lives.

In this workshop, our certified Authentic Relating Trainer Wies will take you on a transformative journey through guided exercises and group sharing. Together, we will build trust, deepen connections, and gain a profound understanding of the art of being present with one another. By embracing and expressing more of our authentic selves, we create a safe and nurturing space for genuine connections.

We ask/recommend that you have experience with Authentic Relating and/or have been to our primary workshops as we won't go over the theory/principles much so we have time to dive a bit deeper in the exercises.

WHO is this event for?
If you are a curious, open-minded, and playful individual seeking opportunities to be your true self and connect joyfully with others, this event is designed for you! Whether you are single, in a relationship, or exploring the spaces in between, we warmly invite you to join us and to learn how to cultivate fulfilling relationships in all aspects of your life.

Authentic Relating (AR) is a powerful practice that enables deep, meaningful, and soulful conversations with anyone, anywhere, at any time. By learning the foundational principles and building blocks of AR, we equip ourselves with essential tools for conscious communication and enriching connections. This practice aligns us with our deepest emotions and enables us to weave a more authentic and truthful human experience.

Authentic Relating challenges us to break free from unconscious patterns and become fully awake and aware of how we show up in the world.

Through this practice:

We learn to make the implicit explicit.
We develop the skills needed for ultimate self-expression.
We welcome and embrace all aspects of ourselves, creating space for greater acceptance of the world around us.
We courageously explore vulnerability, stepping beyond our comfort zones along our transformative journey.
We cultivate the art of empathy and develop the essential skills to truly be present with ourselves and others.
We deepen our self-awareness and attunement to the present moment.
Purchasing a ticket ensures your place within our circle, granting you access to transformative workshops in a beautiful space, nourishing snacks, and unlimited tea.

At Be Touched, we bring together individuals seeking authenticity, openness, and boundless potential in their relationships and daily lives. Our mission is to cultivate deep human connections, meaningful intimacy, and facilitate heartfelt workshops.

Don't just take our word for it, here's what others have experienced:

"I thoroughly enjoyed this evening. Despite arriving with low energy, I left feeling both energized and grounded. The people I met were wonderful, and the setup of the evening was perfect. The facilitators created a warm and safe space. I will definitely be coming back for more."

"I loved every moment of it. We made beautiful new connections through amazing practices. The facilitation was excellent. I would attend again without hesitation."

"The facilitators are highly skilled, warm-hearted, and genuine. They truly care for each participant, creating an incredibly safe space. I was quite nervous at first, but their care and guidance allowed me to ease into the various games and exercises naturally. I left feeling nourished and deeply connected to myself and others."

Location: Europalaan 20, Utrecht (FREE PARKING). Entrance is behind the building.
Doors open at 18:40. Please be on time, there will be no-one to let you in after 7PM
This workshop wil be held in English (but of course in interactions you can speak Dutch with each other if that is more easy).
We work with small and intimate groups.
We provide unlimited tea and some snacks. Make sure you have eaten before we start.
We will send out an e-mail with all the information shortly before the event.
Want to join but you have limited resources? We always have a couple of budget available, reach out to us :)

Wednesday 29 November 2023 van 19:00 tot 22:30

Europalaan 20, 3526 KS Utrecht, Nederland

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Over de organisatie

“Intimately connecting you to self and others”

We run connection & intimacy events for those wishing for more authenticity, more openness and limitlessness in their relationships and daily life.


Ricardo Ministro

Authentic Attachment

Very cozy space and very interesting information provided throughout the workshop.

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Joy .

Unleash Your Divine Essence - Sacred Ceremony by 'Naakt met Eva'

Amazing experience. The facilitators created a super safe environment for this heartfelt celebration. All participants were invited to shed the layers of judgment and inhibition, embracing the beauty of the divine selves in the most profound and artistic way. I was very touched and I highly recommend to join this ceremony.

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'KiSS' - Kinky Festive Clothes Swap (Free Event)

It was amazing! So many lovely people who want to share not only clothes, but also stories.

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Based on trust - Or aim is to make it possible for everyone to be part of our community. Therefore we are offering a few tickets for a lower price for those with limited financial resources, as well as volunteer tickets. These are free but are a gift exchange. Sold out but would you love to join? Please reach out!

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This is a gift exchange where you get a free ticket. In return you’ll guide the guest to the hive when they’re arriving and help us with setting up the space around 5PM and bringing it back to normal after the event. If you'd like to be our Bird of Paradise: please send us an e-mail at betouchedcommunity@gmail.com and we'll let you know if we still have spots available!

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Authentic Connection - Intermediate

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