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3-Day Temple & Tantric Retreat in Amsterdam - Voyage Into Presence

Friday 01 December 2023 om 11:00 tot Sunday 03 December 2023 om 20:00

Overdiemerweg 13, 1111 PN Diemen, Netherlands

Over dit evenement

What: Voyage Into Presence

Join us for an extraordinary, authentic and all-inclusive 3-day experience/retreat in a beautiful villa at the nature area of Amsterdam. We will dive deeply into the temple/tantric arts, explore the profound depths of presence, inner calm, and intimacy, and forge a deeper connection with ourselves and the primordial dark in balance with the light. This unique experience invites you to step away from the chaos and immerse yourself in a safe, sacred, and connected space where you can experience expansion and come out feeling more present than before:

– Awaken Your Senses: Through sensory exploration and rituals, you will awaken your dormant senses, your primal power, and learn to appreciate the world in a new light.
– Drop What Doesn’t Serve: Release the baggage that holds you back and experience a profound connection with the current of existence, yourself, and others.
– Connect through Wholeness: Balance your feminine/masculine, light/dark energy. Feel through your energetic body into your physical body and land in the now.
- Authentic and Pleasurable Intimacy: to explore your desires and boundaries together with each other in a safe and deep space, and not just once, experience three deep days.

We’ll meet and love the dark that comprises most of the universe, the earth, each other, and ourselves. We will also touch the light that shines through the dark and illuminates our world. It will happen and be welcomed in a nature area of Amsterdam in an open-minded space: Farm of Inspiration.

Tickets: https://hipsy.nl/event/26163-3-day-temple-deep-dive-in-nature-of-amsterdam-voyage-into-presence (Tickets are non-refundable).

Agreements: Confidentiality, sobriety, ahimsa, openness, cleanliness, integrity (with time and your word), remaining coachable. We kindly ask you to fill in this application form with agreements to make it safe and respectful for everyone in the group: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/17bG3xfNhhUCLCMeisveC_EZQC83nrVUB5xtE1anCz2c/edit?fbclid=IwAR2m6Vp2vMvyO5JSCCh-8SGKyAjL2qi9zB5COIBTKmeNTL6FqeYm96S9LZI...

This experience will:

-- Guide you through rituals and embodied learning.
-- Bring you to presence with your triggers in order to melt your fears.
-- Provide tools to find presence and grounding in any situation.
-- Tap into latent/nascent powers so they can be seen, heard, and felt.
-- Increase your capacity for pleasure with yourself and with others.
-- Dismantle stories about why you don’t get what you desire.

Some Elements in the Intuitive Flow:
-- Guided Temple Nights
-- Sensual Tea Ceremony
-- Morning Embodiment
-- Wheels of Conscent
-- Boundaries & Desires
-- Archetype Discovery & Play
-- Meeting the Light and Dark
-- Energetic Tantra & Connection
-- Infuse your mission with magic
-- Shibari/Bodyart into Presence
-- Darketype Role Play
-- Sacred Kink

Morning Program (9:30-13:00)
Afternoon Program (15:00-19:00)
Evening Temple (20:30-Midnight)
(Flexible to change, according to the flow. On 1st day, we will start from 11am and on 3rd day, we will finish after dinner at 21:00)

All-inclusive 3 days including:

-- 3-day deep dive program and flow with an experienced and passionate team.
-- 2 nights of accommodation in nature, just 10 minutes from the center of Amsterdam at the Farm of Inspiration.
-- Healthy and delicious vegetarian/vegan food prepared with heart by Chef Danny (also ISTA NL organizer, solid space holder)
– Tune into the group vibe and journey deeper with live music and DJ Leela
-- Lots of beautiful nature around for hiking, including a natural lake for swimming.
(Note: this event will be guided in English)

What to bring?

-- Your own towel and/or sarong (your own use, to cover the mats)
-- Comfortable, sensual clothing that makes you feel good
-- Kimono and/or bathrobe
-- Warm and layered clothing and socks
-- Sensual snacks to eat & feed each other (e.g. fruits, nuts, etc.)
-- Something for the collective altar (a crystal, piece of nature, feather, or anything else)
-- Anything you think might be nice to play with (e.g. feathers, massagers, massage oils, dildo's, floggers, whips, shibari rope, a blindfold, etc.)

About Darkstar Temple:

Secretly formed in the northern California woods under the stars, surrounded by bears and gold veins, the initial mission of Darkstar Temple was to bring balanced dark-masculine energy to transformational, ceremonial, and healing spaces. Our co-founders recruited seven other members; only a few are public knowledge. Today, Darkstar Temple designs experiences and rituals in multiple countries, states, and cities for large groups and individual seekers looking for profound, lasting shifts in their world. Explore more: https://darkstartemple.org

About Aaron, the facilitator:

A unique voice and grounding presence on the path of transformation. Aaron is an apprentice facilitator at the International School of Temple Arts (2,100+ hours of training), the 6-week Temple Training experience via Highden Mystery School, founder of Darkstar Temple, and a core pillar at Temple Nova just outside Ottawa, Canada. He has trained in conscious, shamanic, and therapeutic kink with international teachers, including Seani Wild and Francesca Gentile. He has also been invited to speak at international events/retreats such as the East Coast Tantra Festival, Toronto Tantra Festival, Taboo Festival, Liberation, Tierramor, and Pachamama. Aaron has been researching, studying, practicing, and working in philosophy, transformation, and shamanism since the late 1900s. He holds a BA in Philosophy with a concentration in ontology, death, and sexual ethics and a master's degree in business strategy. He has designed experiences, programs, courses, and training worldwide and continues to coach individuals, groups, and businesses. Explore more: https://aaronmandelbaum.com/

What people talk about Aaron:

“In ritual, the space held is so solidly anchored in loving neutrality that your being is safe to surrender to the deepest depths. A thoughtful deep listener, Aaron conducts a space that satisfies each level of consciousness and welcomes your psyche to relax and receive the medicinal transmission. It is so powerful to feel so deeply held through a transformative process. Thank you, for your steadfast devotion to creating and holding powerful containers of transformation.”
“Aaron is an exquisite space holder: super calm, super grounded, and super attuned. I have always felt completely safe in any container that he’s held. And he has held some pretty wild ones that I’ve participated in!”

There will be 3 experienced assistant facilitators as well - Leila, Iryna and someone else to be confirmed and announced.

Feel free to contact organiser Leila hello@leilarts.com if you have any questions or feedback. We are looking forward to sharing this special and deep experience with you all soon.

With love,
The Team

Friday 01 December 2023 om 11:00 tot Sunday 03 December 2023 om 20:00

Overdiemerweg 13, 1111 PN Diemen, Netherlands

Over de organisatie

“Everyone is an artist.”

To make arts and dance with life, for both the bright and dark sides. To co-create and share holistic events with you and nature. Amsterdam-based.


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3-Day Temple & Tantric Retreat in Amsterdam - Voyage Into Presence

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