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🌸✨Het Grote Fijne Festival 🏕️🌱with special guest: Poranguí 🎶

Tuesday 05 September 2023 om 19:00 tot Sunday 10 September 2023 om 16:00

Landgoed Energy Up, Wielseweg 9, 3896 MB Zeewolde, Nederland

Over dit evenement

☀️✨🌱💛🥰🙌🏼💫🎧 Het Grote Fijne ~ Landgoed Energy Up 2023! ☀️✨🌱❤️💛🥰🙌🏼💫🎧🎼

After 4 amazing summer editions we felt the time has come for new & fresh energy, and to look out other locations for the festival that suit our wishes better. We are happy to share that we found the perfect place for our future gathering of Het Grote Fijne: Landgoed Energy Up! A beautiful, lush campground in the middle of NL, where people come to recharge, connect, play and celebrate life. 💃🏽🌱
We feel greatly thankful to have found this place that holds our vision and also aligns with what and how we want to organize our gatherings. We feel excited to be introducing you to this (brand) new camping, from 5 - 10 September, during Het Grote Fijne festival! ☀️


More detailed program info and line-up will be announced from February on... But for those of you who don't have to wait for that: until February 1st you can get your ticket for a super early bird price! 😍😍



Naturally, we would love to have you there with us for the full week experience! We also understand this is not preferred or manageable for everyone, especially for the ones with kids. So we also offer (a limited amount of) weekend tickets as well!

This year, we start the festival a little earlier then usual. Yay! We felt it would be nice to have an extra (half) day together, and the location makes this possible. This means that you are welcome from Wednesday morning (or Friday morning, in case you have a weekend ticket) to set up your tent and join us for a nice and healthy lunch after. We will have the opening ceremony in the afternoon.

And last but not least... for those of you who wish to have a gentle, soft landing: we also offer the possibility to arrive the night before ~ so Tuesday night between 19:00 - 22:00 pm! Please choose the ticket with 'Tuesday arrival'. This ticket will be and extra € 25 on the normal price. Breakfast on Wednesday and a soft (yoga) practice is included this ticket.


Full week experience ~ Super Early Bird price € 395 (runs until February 1st!)
Full week experience ~ Early Bird price € 435
Full week experience ~ Regular Bird price € 470

Weekend ticket ~ Super Early Bird price € 285 (runs until February 1st!)
Weekend ticket ~ Early Bird price € 310
Weekend ticket ~ Regular Bird price € 345

Kids 0 - 4 years ~ full week / weekend = same price: € 35
Kids 5 - 12 years ~ full week experience: € 175 (including early arrival)
Kids 5 - 12 years ~ weekend ticket: € 110

Camper ticket (limited spots available)*: € 30

* There are limited camper spots with electricity - first come first serve.
** Please be aware that your camper may not exceed 3000-3500 kg
** We don't swap tickets between week/weekends, or our other events




⭐️ Ecstatic Dance ⭐️

⭐️ Soundhealing & Concerts ⭐️

⭐️ Workshops & Ceremonies ⭐️

⭐️ Kids Area ⭐️

As always we'll have a special Kids area! The program will be specifically in tune with the 'adult' program so that both kids and parents can enjoy the program and some 'me-time'.

Some examples of our kids program:
✨ Musical Meditation for kids
✨ Bullet Journalling
✨ Making Power Animals Amulet
✨ Hulahoop Dancing
✨ Storytelling
✨ Kids cacao ceremony
✨ Costumes and face paint
✨ Animal quests
✨(...the exact program is yet to be announced)

DAY-CARE kids 0~4 years

There will be day-care for our little ones! You may bring your little one for € 5 per hour during daytime. There will be experienced care takers making sure your baby gets all the nourishment, playtime and love he or she needs while you are having a dance or massage! ;-)

⭐️ Massage / Healing Area ⭐️
✨ ....

⭐️Wellness Area ⭐️
✨ Sauna's & Hot Tubs
✨ Conscious Haircuts
✨ Ice Bathing
✨ Sweat Lodges...?


We will be enjoying the delicious, organic and abundant meals of chef Conan Luidens! Three meals a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner. Tea will be served during breakfast times (free of charge). Note that last official meal together is lunch on Sunday. The bar area serves extra drinks and bites, these are not included in the price for the gathering.


Electricity -
There are nice and warm showers at the campsite, and also a beautiful quiet area where you can go for a nice and refreshing swim in the water!

Your own plate, cutlery, bowl and cup. If you wish to use a yoga mat, please bring your own as we don't have any. Perhaps a cozy blanket and cushion would be a welcome 'nice to have' too!

You don't have or want to bring your own tent? Perhaps you would like a bit more ease and comfort? We can arrange a pre-set up tent for you, including mattresses. More info will follow soon!


Ticket prices are including camping spots, meals from arrival day lunch until Sunday lunch, all service costs and taxes. We don't do refunds or swapping tickets for other tickets/events.

To keep balance there will be limited weekend & kids tickets available.

We are looking forward to be seeing and dancing with you in September!

Jens, Lydia, Rita en de Crew namens Chocolate Club & Landgoed Energy Up


Version: 1.0, subject to change
For questions or collaborations, please email: connect@chocolateclub.world

Tuesday 05 September 2023 om 19:00 tot Sunday 10 September 2023 om 16:00

Landgoed Energy Up, Wielseweg 9, 3896 MB Zeewolde, Nederland

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Koop je tickets direct via Hipsy. Na betaling is je deelname definitief en ontvang je je tickets per e-mail.

Over de organisatie

“"We are all holding each others Space Making Health contagious" ”

Chocolate Club organizes Conscious events since 2002. We started with Raw food Potlucks and Chocolate Elixers and now organize multi day gatherings.

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1. Choose your tickets
Full Experience Ticket ~ Arrival on Wednesday ~ Early Bird

Arrival on Wednesday from 9:30

€ 435,00
Including service fee
Full Experience Ticket ~ Arrival on Tuesday ~ Early Bird

Arrival on Tuesday from 19:00 - 22:00

€ 460,00
Including service fee
Weekend Ticket ~ Friday - Sunday ~ Early Bird

Arrival Friday from 9:30

€ 310,00
Including service fee
Kids 0 - 4 years

Same ticket for weekend / week

€ 35,00
Including service fee
Kids ticket 5 - 12 year ~ full week

Including early arrival on Tuesday night

€ 175,00
Including service fee
Kids ticket 5 - 12 years ~ weekend

Arrival Friday from 9:30

€ 110,00
Including service fee
Camper / Caravan Ticket

There are limited spots with electricity, first come first serve :-)

€ 30,00
Including service fee
Transaction costs :
€ 0,00
€ 0,00
🌸✨Het Grote Fijne Festival 🏕️🌱with special guest: Poranguí 🎶

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