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Tantric Theater

Sunday 30 June 2024 van 19:00 tot 22:30

de Ruimte, Weesperzijde 79A, 1091 EJ Amsterdam, Netherlands

Over dit evenement

Play, Connect, and Discover Your Authentic Self

Welcome to Tantric Theater, a playful workshop where we explore acting and play through a tantric lens. In this fun safe space, you’ll reconnect with your authentic self and create deeper connections with others.

Through play, improvisation theater and connection exercises you’ll explore your emotions, your body, your identity and can release old patterns, opening up new ways of being.

This journey helps you align your true expression in this world, enabling you to show you with more vulnerability and authenticity in your relationship with yourself and those around you.

Join us to play, explore, and reveal who you are behind the mask. Expect to leave feeling more harmonious, confident, and liberated, with more spaciousness in your body, mind and soul.

3 pillars:

🎭 Authenticity: Explore your true self expression

🎭 Embodiment: Feel safe in your body, use movement, breath and sound in new ways

🎭 Connection: Create deeper bonds with yourself and other beautiful humans

Consider this idea...
...that the persona you've been embodying is shaped by early conditioning, designed to protect you and operate from a sense of obligation.

What if...
💜 you could redefine your identity?
💜 you could start to give yourself permission to express the most true, pure, playful, brave and vulnerable parts of your being?

How do you think that would transform your relationships?

Some of the Tantric Theater benefits:

💫 Create more harmony in your relationships
💫 Become more aware and confidence within yourself
💫 Feel safe and liberated in your body
💫 Discover your authentic self-expression
💫 Meet and connect with other beautiful humans


Sunday, June 30th
De Ruimte Amsterdam

Workshop Flow:
19:00 - Doors Open
19:15 - Doors Close for Opening Circle
22:30 - Evening Ends

🎫 Price:
Early Bird: €45
Regular: €55

Much love,
Your facilitators, Anna & Wagner

About us:

Anna is a Relationship & Intimacy coach helping high achieving men & couples across the globe to create fulfilling relationships and deeper intimacy.

She's passionate about conscious relating, embodiment, sacred sexuality & spirituality. She’s also a tantric practitioner offering in-person sessions to ignite passion and expand orgasmic capacity.

Anna has a lust for life, driven by her curiosity and desire to experience life wholeheartedly and show people's highest potential as lovers and leaders in this world. She's also a kizomba dancer and combines tantra and kizomba in her unique concept, Sacred Connection.

Connect with Anna:

I'm a passionate advocate for the transformative power of theatre therapy. With a wealth of experience gracing stages, festivals, hospitals, and alternative spaces worldwide, I’m dedicated to helping individuals discover their best selves and embrace empowerment.

For me, knowledge unshared is like a life unlived—it fades into obscurity without leaving a trace. I firmly believe in the fluidity of art, advocating for its adaptability and relevance in the contemporary world. I shun the safety of tradition, preferring to push boundaries and provoke change through my work.

In my eyes, theatre is more than mere interpretation—it's a visceral experience that demands risk-taking and emotional engagement. To me, the essence of theatre lies in challenging oneself continually, ensuring that each performance is a catalyst for transformation. Through a fearless approach , I like to invite you to join me on a journey of self-discovery and liberation.

Connect with Wagner:

Much love and warm welcome,
Wagner & Anna

Sunday 30 June 2024 van 19:00 tot 22:30

de Ruimte, Weesperzijde 79A, 1091 EJ Amsterdam, Netherlands

Over de organisatie

“Make sex sacred again.”

Relationship & Intimacy Coach | Kizomba Instructor

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