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Temple of Alchemy - XL Edition | DJ LEELA | Partners in Magic

Sunday 02 June 2024 van 15:00 tot 23:00

Overdiemerweg 13, 1111 PN Diemen, Netherlands

Over dit evenement

❣ Important ❣

⭐ Filling in this application form is required if it's your first time joining our Temple of Alchemy: https://forms.gle/SJJ2Uggai3LJvNBz8
⭐ This is a special Summer XL Edition with an Ecstatic Dance in the afternoon and the possibility to be outside with good weather!

🔮 Temple of Alchemy 🔮

We create the Temple of Alchemy as a safe space to go on an intimate journey with ourselves and with each other. To go further than experimenting out of curiosity, by really connecting from our hearts. Consciously. Intentionally. A space where all of you is welcome, while nothing has to happen. Everything is always optional.

💥 Program 💥

Sunday June 2, 2024

15:00 - 15:30 Opening
15:30 - 17:30 Ecstatic Dance
17:30 - 19:00 Break
19:00 - 23:00 Temple Night (incl. guided Tantric connection exercises)

✨ Magic Market ✨

Anouk - Touch of trust
Floggers & Leather products

Iskra Bela - Sex-positive remedies and Tiny Kinky Herbal experience

More info: https://www.lexmy-spiritonfire.com/temple-of-alchemy

Watch this video about what a temple means to us:

💸 Refund Policy 💸

- Tickets are non-refundable
- You can use Ticketswap to re-sell your ticket. Important: If you do this, then clearly define if you have a men/women/couple ticket and let the buyer know to fill in the application form. It is also obligated to inform us (otherwise: no entry) and share the e-mail address of the buyer, so that we can send them the preparations and after-care emails.
- We are not available for personal communication about refund or re-selling tickets - thank you for your understanding!

Much Love!

Lexmy & Denise (Partners in Magic)

- Partners in Magic: https://www.instagram.com/partnersinmagic/
- Lexmy: https://www.instagram.com/lexmy_spirit.on.fire/
- Denise: https://www.instagram.com/denise_kooij

Sunday 02 June 2024 van 15:00 tot 23:00

Overdiemerweg 13, 1111 PN Diemen, Netherlands

Over de organisatie

“Your Life is the Magic, Your Sex is the Potion!”


In samenwerking met

Lexmy - Spirit on Fire


Marjolein Scheepers

Temple of Alchemy - XL Edition | DJ LEELA | Partners in Magic

Prachtige setting en hele mooie fijne liefdevolle mensen. Ook een hele grote diversiteit aan mensen. Qua leeftijd, uiterlijk en ervaring. Hele ervaren en kundige en bescheiden liefdevolle facilitators. Ik heb een hele mooie tempel beleving gehad.

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Wagner Kosisck

Temple of Alchemy - XL Edition | DJ LEELA | Partners in Magic

It was a heart center journey were Lexmy and Denise were so natural and welcoming that makes me feel at home. Thank you for the beautiful experience 🙏🏽✨💖

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Richard Weits

Naked Ecstatic Dance | DJ Yarun | Partners in Magic | Amsterdam

Mijn eerste en waarschijnlijk eerst laatste Estatic Naked dance experience... Niet omdat het niets voor me is maar dat Denise en Lexmy aangaven, helaas, afscheid te nemen van dit event. JAMMER, want wat een heerlijke atmosfeer en vibe. Ontzettend genoten van de avond. Wat een genot, vrijheid, natural trip was het! THANKS. Ik kijk uit naar jullie volgende event, waar ik aan kan deelnemen. Warme groet, Richard

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Temple of Alchemy - XL Edition | DJ LEELA | Partners in Magic

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