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Microdosing & Psychedelic Networking Party in Amsterdam

Wednesday 05 June 2024 van 18:00 tot 22:00

Kokopelli, Warmoesstraat 12, 1012 JD Amsterdam, Netherlands

Over dit evenement

Join Amsterdam’s most exciting networking party on June 5, where psychedelic enthusiasts, professionals, and like-minded explorers come together in a relaxed yet ecstatic networking setting, with live DJ & music to dance with ecstatically, micro-dosing tea (alcohol-free), good vibe, deeper connection workshop, and much more. Come join us at the iconic & famous smart shop Kokopelli to connect, share your know-how, and journey together. We will have experts speakers from the summit joining us during this ICPR week (Europe's Conference on Psychedelics Research), where many curious and brave souls come to the Netherlands together to celebrate our milestones and progress of psychedelics in our human history.

Why joining us:

-- Network and create new meaningful connections
-- Learn from other professionals in the space of psychedelics and micro-dosing
-- Experience guided workshops for deeper connection (collectively) with yourself and others
-- Have an opportunity to share your expertise and collaborate with the community
-- Tap into the psychedelic community in Amsterdam, a central hub in Europe
-- Sip and socialise indulging in the refreshing world of microdosing tea - brought by Happy tea
-- To simple enjoy a good & conscious party (alcohol free), and have fun!

What makes this event special:

This event is all about creating more connection and experiencing new mindful ways to socialise. During this edition we will welcome the magic and refreshing blends of microdosing tea brought by Happy tea. We offer a one-of-a-kind experience, allowing you to craft your microdose and pair it with a delightful selection of cold tea blends. The drinks will allow you to open and connect with like-minded individuals in a relaxed and uplifting environment.

This event is also an optional part of the Psychedelics and Sexuality Global Online summit (to sign up for free: https://www.paradigmxchange.com/summit), organized by Paradigm Xchange (Lya and Leila). Come and enjoy guided workshops/ceremonies from some of our expert speakers (e.g. Psychedelic Insights, Women on Psychedelics, Microdose Together, LeilArts, Visionary Institute and more) in the psychedelic space.

Connect with fellow attendees, share your thoughts, learn something new, be open to connections to wherever you are comfortable, and dive into the world of psychedelic exploration in a conscious and safe environment.

As the evening unfolds, sway to the live music of DJ Leela, our featured music artist. With a mix of tunes to suit every rhythm, there's ample space to dance and let loose.

All practical details:

Date: Wednesday, June 5th
Time: 18:00 - 22:00
Location: At the iconic dutch smartshop Kokopelli, located at walking distance from Amsterdam Centraal station (Warmoesstraat 12, 1012 JD Amsterdam)
Ticket: Regular €55 (including unlimited drinks, with max 4g of truffle); Student €35 (please bring your student ID at the door)

The Flow of the Night:

18:00 Party starts on time
18:00-19:00 Introduction & Guided Workshop/Ceremony
19:00-20:00 Live DJ & Ecstatic Dance
20:00-22:00 Free flow & networking

(Micro-dosing Happy Tea will be presented and in service throughout the whole party)

Don't miss out on this extraordinary evening of networking, microdosing, and meaningful connection. Join us at Kokopelli, where we will co-create a night of joy, exploration, and unforgettable memories.

With love,
Paradigm Xchange & Microdose Together

Wednesday 05 June 2024 van 18:00 tot 22:00

Kokopelli, Warmoesstraat 12, 1012 JD Amsterdam, Netherlands

Over de organisatie

“Everyone is an artist.”

To make arts and dance with life, for both the bright and dark sides. To co-create and share holistic events with you and nature. Amsterdam-based.


Mellany Van Heijningen

Mindful Tea Ceremony with Taoist Qigong Practices/Ritual in Nature

Een hele fijne theeceremonie en QiGong practice. In de natuur, verbonden, vertragen, precies wat ik nodig had deze mooie zondag. De kinderen waren ook welkom wat erg fijn was, dankjewel!

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Such a lovely experience to dance in nature while enjoying a musical journey <3

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Nicholas Henry Fidler

Move your Inner Body - Ecstatic Dance and Taoist Qigong

Really loved the qi-gong at the beginning and the DJ was great. Loved the enthusiasm as well!

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Microdosing & Psychedelic Networking Party in Amsterdam

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