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Water Ceremony / wasi Ritual (cleansing) Surinam/African tradition

Saturday 11 May 2024 van 11:00 tot 17:30

Vinkeveense Plassen, Dryw eiland

Over dit evenement

Saturday may 11th, 11.00 AM-17:30 PM

Water Ceremony / wasi Ritual (cleansing) Surinam/African tradition
A ceremonial family day

Guided by:
Medicine woman /Obia Uma Nana Garra Rrana

Romano Raalte

Guest of honour: Lakota Medicine man Chief Steve Mc Cullough

Participants: we welcome each and everyone, all ages

Location: Dryw island, Vinkeveen Lake Area, the Netherlands, easily accessible from Amsterdam and Utrecht

Participation adult: € 72 p.p
Children 0-11 yrs: free
Children: 12-17 yrs: € 22 p.p

We will have lunch with a vegan/vegetarian potluck

Ticket sales at Hipsy

Free until 2 weeks previous to event: 100% restitution purchase amount. From two weeks before event: ticket exchange event other date.

Content Water Ceremony/ Wasi Ritual (cleansing)

A ceremonial family day. We will come together at Dryw island, the island of the little Wren bird, a magical spot in the wonderful nature of the Vinkeveen lake area, to honour and acknowledge Mama Watra.
A ceremonial day of giving thanks to the waters, in and around us.
A spiritual herbal bath will be prepared were we all get cleansed to release and let go. To create a clean safe space, to become more aligned with the water in  yourself, to see more clearly, feel more deeply and listen more carefully. Experience and receive the touch of the medicine water.
Let the water show us our reflection and nourish our needs, and  remembering us  always give back after receiving .
Taking care of  the waters by bringing  our offerings of love and respect.
Lets celebrate life together.
We are water, water is life.

Garra rrana ~ which symbolizes the Blue Dragonfly/the power of transformation and self realisation.
Obia Uma /Nana Garra rrana is a descendant of the indigenous people of Surinam. A natural healer, singer, creative artist and mother of four children.
Being in service to inspire, remember and support those whom have forgotten who they are and where they came from. Garra rrana is guiding them back home and offering them tools and remembrance to take back the leadership of ones own life.
She is walking the songlines of her African Ancestors and their spirits. They have passed on their ancient rituals, wisdom and knowledge to her. With her Grandmother as her guide she is working with traditional medicine plants.
Garra rrana is sharing these gifts, combined with her life experiences, different healing skills and teachings of nature. Building a bridge to reconnect others with their Ancestors, spirits and bringing awareness to the power of nature and its teachings. She will guide you in remembering how to communicate and listen.
All sharings are through the experience of rituals, ceremonies, dance, music and the channeled songs. Opening the way to the heart and resonate the messages from the spirits, to awaken and enlight the heart ~ leading you to deeper listening so you can feel your own truth.

For information regarding route, parking, transfer and Dryw island:
André IJsendoorn
Achterbos 36, 3645 CD, Vinkeveen, the Netherlands
Mobile: +31(0)6-57434750
Mail: mail@andreijsendoorn.nl
Chatt: Telegram / Signal

For information regarding the ceremonial day:
Garra rrana Blue Dragonfly
Mobile: +31(0) 6-52094472

Saturday 11 May 2024 van 11:00 tot 17:30

Vinkeveense Plassen, Dryw eiland

Over de organisatie

“Leven met respect en in verbinding. Mitakoye Oyasin. Voor al mijn verwanten. ”

Dryw eiland is een idyllisch eiland in het Vinkeveense plassengebied. Een unieke lokatie voor ceremonies, workshops en persoonlijke ontwikkeling.


Hans Schaafsma

Canupa Wakán (heilige pijp) ceremonie & teaching Lakota Medicijnman

De ontmoetingen met chief Steve McCullough zijn onbeschrijflijk mooi en louterend. Met dank aan de warme gastheer André die het allemaal mogelijk maakt.

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Magiel Nieuwendijk

Canupa Wakán (heilige pijp) ceremonie & teaching Lakota Medicijnman

Geweldig. Hele fijne plek met goede energie en fijne mensen. Goed eerste kennismaking met een native American medicijnman. Dank voor deze ervaring!

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Conny Bertrand

Water Ceremony / wasi Ritual (cleansing) Surinam/African tradition

Een prachtige Water Ceremony dag mogen meemaken op een mooie plek die je warm welkom heet. De bedding, zorg en liefdevolle aandacht waarmee Garra rrana en Romano Raalte deze dag ceremonieel verzorgd hebben was hartverwarmend en verrijkend. Dankbaar voor dat wat ik mocht ontvangen.

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Water Ceremony / wasi Ritual (cleansing) Surinam/African tradition

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