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Transform your Lovership Skills the temple trilogy - Online Teaser

Wednesday 03 April 2024 van 19:00 tot 20:00


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Change who you attract romantically and integrate the magic of tantra and intimacy into your daily life.
This event is for you to learn more about our transformation journey MISTRESS OF THE LABYRINTH that will forever alter the way you relate and what you attract in your life.

Meet your facilitators
Experience a guided visualization
Go deeper into relational patterns
Have a chance to ask questions
Be informed on all the details of the Temple Trilogy journey (happening around Amsterdam)

This is a 3 temple journey that will forever alter the way you relate and what you attract in your life.
You will enter the labyrinth of connection & relating in this temple trilogy. Each temple is designed to be a mirror into how you relate to different aspects of your Self and consequently to others.
Our intention is to facilitate personal growth so you can have the relationship(s) that you long for and deeply anchor in unconditional love for who you are.

What if I miss the live teaser?
For all of you who can make time there will be a special LIVE bonus for you available, there will be a recording if you cannot make it.

What if I know I cannot make it to the first temple trilogy due to dates?
We recommend you to still come and join this then, get to know us and receive an amazing opportunity when on the call.

ARIANE is an international educator, facilitator, coach & practitioner in the field of intimacy and erotic leadership. In her teachings she combines the Western world of positive psychology and trauma awareness together with Eastern traditions of Tantra and Yoga. She is co-founder of BliXX, an international brand that hosts transformational conscious kInk retreats around Europe. And doula of orgasm!c leaders, where she supports ambitious women to lead from head, heart and womb to move from pressure to pleasure in work and life.

ARIANA is a tantrika & sensuality coach working with eros to create both transformational healing and deep-felt pleasure. While studying dance in 2016 she immersed herself into tantra, and bio-dynamic therapy. And has been fascinated by healing modalities ever since. Ariana is the creatress of SoulSeductress and Conscious Lapdance, she leads online selfpleasure & selfdevelopment journeys, and facilitates 1-on-1 containers for embodied healing.

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Deep transformational temple journeys for your personal growth

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Transform your Lovership Skills the temple trilogy - Online Teaser

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