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WHEEL OF CONSENT® - The art of receiving and giving

Friday 12 July 2024 om 10:00 tot Sunday 14 July 2024 om 18:00

Amsterdam, Netherlands

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"The Wheel of Consent Theory and the Somatic practices have helped me so much to live more nourishing, clear, authentic, inspiring human relationship dynamics in my life; family relationships, friendships, intimate relationships, work relationships and community/group relationships. I feel deep gratitude for all the gifts of this simple, powerful and deep practice and theory." -Sonja Eiger

"This workshop opens the possibility of a transformative experience, offering insights and tools to deepen your understanding of consent and empower your relationships." - Rainey Ellen

Through playful exercises we will explore the 4 different dynamics of giving and receiving.
A Space to practice noticing your body, desires, boundaries, needs, yes, maybe and no.

What do I want right now ?
What do I not want ?
What am I willing to give and what not ?
How can I notice my Yes, maybe, no ?
And how can I communicate all that ?
Why don’t I ask for what I want and what do I do instead ?
How can I make clear agreements ?
How is it for me to say no ?
How is it for me to hear a no ?
How is it for me to to express what I want ?

A space for expanding your capacity of RECEIVING, and notice exactly what you want to receive, while respecting your own and the others boundaries.

A space to practice GIVING what you are willing to give, while respecting your own and the others boundaries.

A space for practicing clear contact with simple body and touch exercises. You can also do all the exercise without partner touch.

And we will be looking at the Wheel of Consent® Theory.

All exercises are optional and clothes on.
Sitting by the side and witnessing is also participating.
Choosing what you need in each moment, is participating.

Friday 10:00 - 18:00
Saturday 10:00 to 18:00
Sunday 11:00 to 18:00


With small breaks and a spacious lunch break.
Lunch and accommodation are not included.

If you want to participate in this workshop, you can purchase your ticket and filling in this form is a requirement:

Early Bird: € 200,-
Regular Bird: € 300,-
Abundant Bird: € 400

If this prize is not possible for you, please send us a message with what is possible for you and we make it work. We have a few supported "scholarship" position open.

There are minimum 6 and maximum 16 places available.

Looking forward to practicing and playing together.

Sonja Eiger - rites of passage guide, creator of Kissing Activism, carrier of council, life witness, community weaver & organizer, Death companion, trauma integration guide, Certified Wheel of Consent Facilitator & Ritual Play facilitator, Couple Group process guide.
Loves listening from their heart & co-creating spaces of choice for exploring authentic contact & returning to intimacy with ourselves, each other & the Earth.

Organiser & Assistent:
Rainey Ellen founder of Soma Sensu, Rainey is a therapist into trauma exploration and personal growth, she offers trauma-informed and somatic aware therapy and facilitation, drawing from diverse influences like Tantra, Breathwork, Compassionate Inquiry, The Wheel of Consent™, The Way of Council, Systemic coaching and more.

About the Facilitator: https://www.schoolofconsent.org/fac-sarah-1
School of Consent website: https://www.schoolofconsent.org

Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/367898156118449?ref=newsfeed

Friday 12 July 2024 om 10:00 tot Sunday 14 July 2024 om 18:00

Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Over de organisatie

“Embrace the power of your authenticity.”

Soma Sensu offers coaching, workshops and retreats with a holistic approach to personal growth through breathwork, bodywork, tantra, & Women's Work.



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WHEEL OF CONSENT® - The art of receiving and giving

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