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Saturday 30 March 2024 van 14:30 tot 22:00

Club Organza, Laan van Duuring 1, 3621 LH Breukelen, Nederland

Over dit evenement

PlayMansion: A Lush Sensual Experience

A play party as playful, deep, juicy and sweet as you’ve come to expect from us, now an extravagant edition.

Welcome to PlayMansion, where conscious intimacy meets kinky exploration.

💛 Connected Intimacy. We want to dive deep together. To support this we open with boundary & connection exercises that allow for intimacy in a playful way.

🌈 Inspiring and Immersive programme. With spicy Performances, live DJ, kinky Exploration Stations, and guided and immersive experiences provided by us and other amazing facilitators!

🍣 Delicious Sips & Bites: Enjoy unlimited refreshing non-alcoholic drinks from our bar. Furthermore, there will be an amazing chef preparing delicious vegan food served all day long.

Aaaaand…… this will be a special twin birthday edition! It’s Maxime and Joey’s birthday, and they’re excited to spend this day with all of you together❤️. They cannot imagine a better way to spend their birthday, than sharing it with all of you!

At PlayMansion you step into a world where we are welcome and celebrated being our authentic selves. Where sex is a healthy part of life. Where fun and inner work come together and reinforce each other.

PlayMansion is a place where:

♥ Open-minded loving people can meet each other.

♥️ A conscious sexpositive culture is invited and practiced.

♥️ You are supported in listening to your body, your YESes and NOs, your desires, fears, boundaries, and expressing yourself the way you want.

♥️ Deep conscious inner work and growth can coexist with playfulness.

Count on us to once again provide a safer space and loving, joyful setting to optimize your experience. With:

♥︎ A big team of spaceholders for emotional support when you need it.

♥︎ Experienced, conscious, kinky and loving facilitators

✧ Mansion madness
The Mansion will be packed with experiences that tickle all your senses. Go on an adventure in our mansion and explore new depths in each of its rooms.

✧ Fantasy fulfillment
Explore our fantasy fulfillment station. Who knows, your wildest wishes might just come to life!

✧ Inspiring and immersive programme
With Boundary & Connection exercises, spicy Performances, kinky Exploration Stations, and guided and immersive experiences provided by us and other lovely amazing co-creators!

✧ A musical Journey
Enjoy yourself on the dance floor and get ecstatic on the tunes of our favorite ecstatic dance DJ, DJ Leela, spinning all day. If you want to check out his music, check out his soundcloud.

✧ Delicious Sips & Bites
Enjoy unlimited refreshing non-alcoholic drinks from our bar. Furthermore, there will be an amazing chef preparing delicious vegan food served all day long.

✧ Loving & Open-Minded People
Meet the sweetest & juiciest people of the world.

✧ Consent & Community
Our priority! We build up to a co-created space of trust and connection.

✧ Fabulous looks
An ‘extravagantly you’ dresscode for all the Mansion’s visitors.

Beyond organizing safer and playful s*x-positive events, it's our dream with Play Partners to contribute to a world where people accept, support and empower each other in conscious intimacy and s*xuality. A world where we can welcome every part of ourselves and each other.

🏛️ ABOUT US 🏛️
We are Joey, Maxime, Jeronimo, and Jane. Dive more into our story at: Play Partners

Joey, Maxime, and Jeronimo are intimacy workshop facilitators, intimacy coaches and (tantric) sex workers.

Joey and Maxime are twin sisters. With a lot of joy they started facilitating together in 2019.
Around that time Maxime and Jeronimo started dating, and became romantic life partners.
How often do 3 tantric sex workers meet, who are also intimacy facilitators, share a similar vision in life, make each other so happy every time they meet, and keep challenging each other to grow and improve… What else can be done than to combine power and experience?
Play Partners is the happy result.

Insert… Jane!
Jane and Maxime met and became good friends. It took no time to see that Jane and Play Partners are a match made in heaven. With her experience in the kink scene, her powers in organization, promotion and creativity, and the right amount of craziness, she is known as our unicorn manager.

With this team of four, Play Partners strives to contribute to a conscious, s*x-positive world.

Let's get one thing straight: we value you just as you are. We're all about celebrating every culture, preference, identity, and shade of beautiful out there. Whether you're the quiet, contemplative type or you've got energy to light up the room; whether you're here to observe or dance like no one's watching...
Just know, you're not only welcome, you're exactly who we want to celebrate with. It's all about freedom, expression, love, and having a blast while we're at it!

Dress Code Adherence: We really want to encourage you to go wild and dress the way you’ve always wished to express yourself. Be extravagantly YOU❤️. Upon entering the Mansion, you will receive your own locker where you can change and securely store your belongings throughout the event.

Inclusive and Conscious. PlayMansion is fabulously queer and all about that clean, classy vibe – so no alcohol or drugs. We've crafted a space that's a step above and beyond those typical heteronormative norms. Let's keep things chic and respectful, so no room for homophobia, transphobia, or any shady behavior. Dive into this luxurious bubble with us and let's make it an unforgettable experience.

To read more on how you can prepare and what you can expect of a s*xpositive space hosted by us, visit: Partner Agreements & Play Culture

The Mansion opens its doors at 14.00

The doors close 14.25 strictly. After this no entrance is allowed.

At 14.30 the event starts.

Event ends at 22.00

Club Organza
Laan van Duuring 1, 3621 LH Breukelen

For more info visit

Saturday 30 March 2024 van 14:30 tot 22:00

Club Organza, Laan van Duuring 1, 3621 LH Breukelen, Nederland

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Over de organisatie

“To create the intimacy, sexlife and relationships we dream of.”

We facilitate consent based events around intimacy, sex, non-monogamy, playfulness and authenticity. To connect and play, to learn and practice.


Gabriëlle In’t Hout

SOLD OUT - Conscious Domination - The Fundamentals

De PlayPartners weten een veilige container te geven, waarin stap voor stap kan worden geoefend. Inspirerend, leerzaam en met ruimte voor speelsheid!

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Rob De Jeu

Tantric Cock Practices & Stepping into the Masculine

Jeronimo en Maxime weten een hele fijne veilige setting neer te zetten waar er ruimte voor kwetsbaarheid en openheid ontstaat. Zeer bijzonder om deze tantric practice met andere mensen aangereikt te krijgen. Het raakte veel in mij.

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SOLD OUT - PlayCastle - Abundant June

In a word: perfect. All you need to know about PlayPartner events is that the organisation is smart and loving. Their priority, at all times, is to make sure you have a great experience. This shows in every tiny detail. Whether you are a first-timer or an experienced visitor, you will not regret coming. You will be able to do as little or as much as you like. You will be cared for. You will be safe. You will learn. You will have fun. You will be part of something great.

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