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The Cuddle Workshop TEACHER TRAINING

Wednesday 24 April 2024 om 12:00 tot Sunday 28 April 2024 om 15:00

Kanaalweg, Utrecht, Nederland

Over dit evenement

After a few years, my professional training for creating your own platonic touch workshops is BACK in an improved version.

You definitely don't want to miss out on this opportunity.
Have you always dreamt of giving your own (cuddle) workshops?
Want to make your offerings better?
Want to add something extra to your business?
Or maybe you like my way of teaching and you want to learn how I made my business the international success it is?

With this training, I offer you the tools so you can create your own workshops – either cuddle workshops or similar events. You will learn how to create a trauma-aware, well-built-up space that is inclusive for a wide range of folks. You will learn about group dynamics, different ways to include consent practices (including The Wheel of Consent), and how & why to use what kind of exercises – and how to create your own exercises. You will learn about red flags, how to avoid them, and how you might set up your own system of peer supervision. And much more!

For the full description, check https://www.exploringdeeper.com/professionals/

The ticketshop: if you buy a ticket for a symbolic 1€, I will send you an email with the detailed info about this training.

Wednesday 24 April 2024 om 12:00 tot Sunday 28 April 2024 om 15:00

Kanaalweg, Utrecht, Nederland

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Over de organisatie

“We all need touch”

Inclusive, trauma informed workshops about touch: cuddle workshops, tantra, sensuality, play parties, therapeutic kink, etc. We love queer folks!



Queer Tantra & Energy Sex

It was a really great weekend full of playing with energetic practices with a wonderful group of people. Wilrieke and her team did a great job once again throughout the full weekend creating a safe and inclusive space that's second to none.

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Sandra Van Loon

Queer Tantra & Energy Sex

Incredible, indescribable, therapeutic and healing. So much more than I came for

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Red Play Party (Temple Night) & Polarity Workshop

This was the second time I participated in a red play party from exploring deeper. Both experiences were amazing. It was good to practice consent and help us feel our boundaries, and it also got me into a more relaxed mood. The play party - the people, their creativity, skills, respectfulness, and their open mind, it all surpassed my expectations. Now if only there would be more love like this in the rest of society ... :-)

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The Cuddle Workshop TEACHER TRAINING

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