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Self Yoni Mapping Ritual

Sunday 14 January 2024 van 19:30 tot 21:30


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All of You is Welcome here, it is Time that we Woman re-connect, remember that Body is the sacred Temple of All Life, let's walk this Sacred Path Together, for ourselves, for our Beloveds, in the name of our Ancestors and our Children.

Thank you for your presence here, thank you for taking the time to deepen your relationship with your Sacred Space.
I invite you to take a deep, gentle breath that nourishes every cell in your body and exhale freely, maybe with a sound, maybe with a sigh, check if this simple activity can be a pleasure?
Your body is your ally, it has always been with you and will be until your last breath.
If you feel a call to deepen your relationship with this beautiful and wise Vehicle of life on this Earth, then you are in the right place.
I heard a voice within myself to share with you a practice that supports and nourishes me. I received the first mapping of my sacred space a few years ago, then I learned from various wonderful Teachers how to support Women in this process. What impresses me the most every time is that healing takes place inside me, the body knows what to do, it is so wise, and for so many years I have been looking for Healers outside. For healing to take place, your Body needs the most precious Treasure, which is your awareness, your loving presence. Security, respect, no expectations, and that subtle frequency of letting go of control, listening, trusting yourself.
The relationship with my body was turbulent throughout my life, I always wanted something from it, something was too much or too little. Something did not work and I wanted to "fix" it, the lack of org*asms repeatedly made me feel broken, until I finally understood: my Body is talking to me, it needs my presence, awareness and love.
It also needed to regain trust in me. How can I do this? - I asked. Be here with me, touch me without expectations, stop demand, just love me and be. This is what Yoni's Mapping practice is about.
Yoni is a sacred space, the Source of life, we all come from One Source. There lies a mighty Power of Creation, flow, creativity and abundance. For many reasons, however, it may be that instead of the pulsating, warm, safe space, with a volcano of pleasure, there is stagnation, pain, numbness, no org*asm, no joy, no… Life.
I invite you to a safe space where, in the group of Women, Sisters, we will connect with our natural gift of Healing.
The ritual will be preceded by a meditation during which you will connect with your Essence - the most important Being in your Life - with yourself. Everything you need is already inside you.
Regardless of what you expect, you fear, what worries you - your body knows, it's here with you and for you.

What is Yoni Mapping?
Yoni Mapping for me is presence meditation, gentle acupressure with loving awareness. The ritual is preceded by meditation, you will deepen the receptiveness through the hands that touch your body and through the body that is touched by your hands. It is a deep immersion into the body. Loving presence is enabling the release of tense, painful, frozen or hyper-sensitive points outside (pubic mound, groin, labia) and inside Yoni (if your Yoni allows you to go inside). During mapping, you can also discover very pleasant places. It is a sacred space to rebuild your relationship with your palace of creativity, pleasure and power through conscious touch. You are invited to take notes and create a map of your yoni. It is important to remember that this map can change with each mapping session, a numb or painful spot can become an oasis of bliss and pleasure over time (several sessions might be needed once every two weeks). However, during the Yoni Mapping ritual, the main goal is to be present and listen to the Wisdom of Your Body, do not force anything, if Yoni needs to rebuild trust in her relationship with you, she may need more time mapping outside before approaching the entrance, so despite my guidance you and your body are the most important on this journey. The details will be explained at the beginning of our online meeting.
Mapping is done mainly with the index and middle fingers of both hands, you can use a wand to hard-to-reach places, but this is really not necessary.
Menstruation is not a contraindication

Why Yoni Mapping?
✨ allows you to deepen the feeling of safety in your body
✨ allows you to release emotions and events recorded in the body, because "back then" it was not safe to feel and express them
✨ there may be images, insights, and responses to your questions spontaneously coming up
✨ supports the healing of traumas stored in the body
✨ supports the healing of Vulvodynia (pain at the entrance) and vaginismus (internal pain due to tight muscles)
✨ allows you to renew the relationship with your inner self, in a loving, healing presence that does not rush anything, does not demand or expect
✨ supports the production of new neural connections and regeneration at the cellular level
✨ supports the awakening of sexual energy - creative life force energy
✨ supports the growth of acceptance and love for yourself as a spiritual and embodied being
✨ supports the growth of awareness during intimate intercourse
✨ supports deepening the sensitivity to touch and the feeling of pleasure

Take another deep breath and check if there is a voice in your body calling for this reconnection. Give yourself time to feel into Your intention, a longing, you can close your eyes and give yourself a moment, just be and listen, as long as you need.
Maybe there is something you wish to say goodbye to, maybe there is something that is not serving you anymore and you want to let go of it? Or some qualities that you would like to invite in your relationship with Yourself, Your Body, Your surrounding and relations?
Take your time, it's normal if many thoughts, doubts are coming up, you can be this way ❤ You can be in all possible ways, I repeat myself, but I want you to remember that everything is already inside you and you are the most important One!
If you feel this way, you can open up to your Intention in a gentle dance - with yourself, maybe while you mindfully walk in the Nature, maybe during meditation, a bath or a self-love session.
You are the Guide, the Queen of your Sacred Space, your Life.
You don't have to understand everything, sometimes allowance, curiosity and patience in listening to your Voice from within is what you long for most deeply, to let Life flow freely through you.
If no intentions are coming up, perfect! There will be an embodiment introduction to our session where you will have time to connect and listen again.

I feel very grateful for the Yoni Mapping Ritual in my life, so I invite you to join me on this journey, regardless of your decision - thank you for Being here.
I bow to the Divine in You, It has always been here and always will ❤
Investment: sliding scale 33 - 66 euro pay whatever feels true to you (exchange is important to make the Ritual "important" for your subconscious mind, if money is the only obstacle, please reach out to me we will find another way for energy exchange)
It is a ritual so limited spots are available ✨

❤️‍🔥You will receive one hour long recording with the theory of our ritual. Allow the information to soak into you - the most important is to listen to it and not to try to memorize everything - your body and your subconscious mind will remember what’s the most important and during the Ritual your inner Wise Woman will effortlessly take the lead.
I’ll still guide you throughout the ritual. Just listen to the recording, allow spaciousness and trust.
Link to the ZOOM meeting and pre-recorded theoretical part - will be sent to you by e-mail the latest a week before our Ritual (check your spam box)

With love,
Alicja Amaya

Who am I?
I like to humbly call myself a Wild and Tender Woman. I have met many wonderful teachers on my way and I am constantly brought back to the Wisdom that we are all powerful Healers.
I've completed a yearly tantric practitioner massage training at John Hawken's School "Path of Transformation" conducted by Freya Wolna. I am a certified coach and facilitator of the HeartIQ multidimensional Circle Work Method created by Christian Pankhurst.
I hold Women Circles, to me Sisterhood is a sacred space for transformation, support, wisdom, healing, return to the Body, to our senses, to our Power and Wisdom.
I am grateful to co-create spaces of transformation, workshops and festivals internationally. I keep learning and looking deeper with the curiosity of a child.
I have great respect for the knowledge and teachers that nourish me and broaden my horizons, but I always humbly return to the truth and wisdom that flows to me through close contact with the Nature and its beautiful fruit - my Body.

Please prepare:
✨download the free ZOOM application: https://zoom.us/download
✨ take care of good sound quality: speakers / wireless headphones
✨ a pleasant, warm space where no one will disturb you
✨ a dedicated space for the ritual - for example an altar with flowers, a candle, incense, a power object that supports you, only you know what symbolic meaning it has, the altar is a very individual place ❤
✨ coconut oil or other natural oil without the addition of essential oils
✨ pillows and blanket to ensure your comfort
✨cut or shorten your nails for a soft and comforting touch
✨ notepad / sheet - if you want to create a map draw 3 palm-sized circles on the paper - it represents your vaginal entrance, then number it clockwise from 1 o’clock all the way to 12 o’clock. The clit*ris is at 12 o’clock.
✨ pen (disinfected or a tissue to make sure your hands remain clean)
✨ tea/water to drink
✨ take time to connect with your intention and a loving presence for yourself and your body, no judgment and no expectations are the best allies for this Journey of Self-Love, Self-reclamation and Empowerment

Thank you for choosing yourself, the ritual has already begun ❤️‍🔥

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Transformative Spaces for Remembering together through the healing Power of Presence, Touch, Breath, Movement and Sound

Wild and Tender - Return of Tribal Support


Oana Serbana

Self Yoni Mapping Ritual

The ritual was very insightful for me and I discovered stories and feelings stored in my body, that I didn't know I was carrying for so long. This was possible due to the amazing skills of Alicia, who created a safe space for us, shared the necessary info and explanations about yoni mapping and guided us trough this journey in a smooth way.

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Self Yoni Mapping Ritual

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