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Tarot Reading Club

Tuesday 21 November 2023 van 19:00 tot 20:30


Over dit evenement

Do you want to practise Tarot Card Reading with other readers? 🔮
Join us! In this club we keep up a regular reading practice on our own and in group, motivated by the community of likeminded souls.

This is your chance to join our Tarot Reading Club. 🔑

Beginners courses where we also practice tarot reading can be found here: https://tarot-mysteries-school.thinkific.com/courses/tarot-101-basics

🃏 We will:
- meet twice a month for 1,5 hour to practise tarot spread reading together;
- deepen learned card meanings through our life experience;
- share our tarot stories;
- go on The Fool's journey together (deep practice to learn tarot lessons in daily life).

Where: Online, in a video call.

Planned dates (once in every 2 weeks):
21st of November,
5th and 19th of December.

This club takes max 6 members!

May you find the magic you're seeking,

Instagram: @lindasmysteries
YouTube: @lindasmysteries

Over de organisatie

“For your blissful growth!”

Spirituality brought harmony and bliss to my existence - now I pass it forward ❤️‍🔥 Balance is my way!



Tarot Reading Club - new season

I love the meetings in the Tarot Club. It allows me to share my journey with the cards in a safe space and learn from the rest of the group's experiences. We also get to do a small spread for ourselves, that I always enjoy!! 😊💟

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Roxanna Kudhail

Tarot Reading Club - new season

I have completed two sessions of this tarot class, which has been informative, supportive and challenges me to connect to my cards in different ways. The group is amazing and Linda is a great anchor. She keeps us focused and encourages our individuality as readers.

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Sarah Nkobo

Learn Tarot 101 course - for beginners

Linda is an amazing teacher with an personalised approach and the will to share while leaving space for your own intuition.

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Tarot Reading Club

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