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Tantra Workshop for men: Inviting in the Feminine

Sunday 10 December 2023 van 1:30 tot 4:30

Jan Evertsenstraat 4, 1056 EC Amsterdam, Nederland

Over dit evenement

Dear men,

My name is Denise I'm an intimacy coach for men and a highly experienced tantric woman. I guide men to connect more to their body ,their sexual energy to create more intimacy in their life.

I know what it takes to satisfy a women and it is less complicated than you think. You don’t have to change who you are, you don’t have to be an alpha man and you don’t have to learn tricks to convince her….

Dear men, are you ready to step into your power? I'm very excited to take you on this journey.

Come and join this workshop of 3 hours to get an insight of what it feels like and what it needs to be the man that she is longing for. I’m going to give you an embodied experience to expand your consciousness and connect deeper with the feminine, using tantric practices as meditation, breathwork, polarity play and resourcing tools.
If you like the taste, you can join my personalized 1:1 coaching journey of 8 sessions to become a liberated lover.

🙎‍♂️For who?🙎‍♂️
Do you want more intimacy in your life? Do you want to go deeper in your relationships? Do you want to be loved for who you are? Do you want to be a liberated lover to fully satisfy a woman? Than this is for you. You don’t need any experience in tantra, you are welcome as you are.

⭐ Tickets ⭐
Early Bird: €40,80
Regular Bird: €45,80
Late Bird: €50,80

💃 What to Bring 💃
Wear something comfortable.
A (closed) water bottle (no open liquid holders in workshop space)

❤ Refund Policy ❤
- Tickets are non-refundable
- You can re-sell, but please inform me.
- I'm not available for personal communication about refund or re-selling tickets
Thank you for your understanding! 🙏

💃 More About Me 💃
I work as a coach and facilitator in the realm of Sex, Love & Relationships, my mission is to empower people to feel deeply connected & highly alive (in sex, love & life).
I graduated at the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality (Vita method by Layla Martin) and at the ISTA (International School of Temple Arts), which has given me a profound embodiment of being able to create safe spaces for people to grow, to connect, to explore and to go deep.
Together with my partner in magic Lexmy I organize & facilitate events like Tantric Temples, Tantra Retreats, Odessa Tantra Festival & Naked Ecstatic Dance. I love to support you in your personal transformation to full liberation!

Much love,

Denise Kooij

Sunday 10 December 2023 van 1:30 tot 4:30

Jan Evertsenstraat 4, 1056 EC Amsterdam, Nederland

Over de organisatie

⭐ Coach & Facilitator in Tantric Sex, Love & Relationships ⭐ Men's coaching ⭐ Tantra Festivals & Retreat ⭐ Temple Nights ⭐ Naked Ecstatic Dance


Frank Visser

Tantra Workshop for men: Inviting in the Feminine

Denise heeft ons in 3 uur tijd verschillende kanten van Tantra laten zien. Heel respectvol, leerzaam en kundig, Met de uitnodiging om er op een ander moment dieper op in te gaan. Mooie ervaring!!

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Tantra Workshop for men: Inviting in the Feminine

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