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Sweatlodge Ceremony weekend with Kristofer Two Feathers

Saturday 25 November 2023 om 0:00 tot Sunday 26 November 2023 om 15:00

Het Verre Oosten, Rijksstraatweg 2, 8131 PB Wijhe, Nederland

Over dit evenement

We have the great honor to receive Kristofer TwoFeathers in the Netherlands. He has been in the Inipi (Sweat Lodge) for 40 years and was taken into the Lodge in the US as a young boy.

We have joined forces with Maurits Hofman who invited Kristofer TwoFeathers to the Netherlands. On November 24-25-26 he will come to Het Verre Oosten to lead a Singing Circle with original Lakota (and other tribes) songs, a Sunset Lodge and a Sunrise Lodge. An unforgettable experience. You can't get any closer to the source of this beautiful ceremony.

The sweat lodge is a ceremony to connect you with nature and with your own source. It is a cleansing ritual for your body, your emotions and your mind. This ceremony comes from indigenous traditions and can be found among the peoples of North & South America, but sweat lodges also occurred in Celtic cultures, including in the Netherlands. The sweat lodge is also called the womb of mother earth.

Do you long for:
♡ inner stillness and focus
♡ experience what it is like to connect with yourself and others with the support of a tribe
♡ connection with the elements
♡ connection with your inner wisdom
♡ to challenge yourself and step into the hut

Then come to this beautiful Sweatlodge weekend.

In a hut made of willow branches and covered with blankets, we sit together in a circle on the earth. The fire burns outside where the stones are heated. When the stones are warm enough and are brought into the hut, they heat the room. Then the hut is closed and we sit together in the dark. The water is poured over the stones. The moisture passes through the cabin and the water and heat become the medicine, causing you to sweat and release. On the day itself, we pay full attention to what is going on inside you, so that you feel safe entering the sweat lodge.

♡ What does the weekend look like?
We will start the weekend on friday with a singing circle. On saterday there is a sunset Sweatlodge and on sunday a sunrise Sweatlodge ceremony. You can join the whole weekend or come to one or two ceremonies.

Firday - Singing Circle
You are welcome on Friday, November 24 from 7 p.m to join the singing circle. You can buy an extra ticket for your bed in de Hipsy shop. This is self-sufficient, so bring your own set of sheets, towels and food. The Singing Circle is on a voluntary contribution that goes to Lakota Elder Kristopher Two Feathers. You can take this with you in an envelope.

We'll be singing ancient Lakota, Seneca and more songs which have been given trough from generation to generation. Some of those songs are also sung inside the Lodges later on.

Saturday - Sweatlodge Ceremony
On Saturday, November 25, you are welcome from 12:00 noon. Starting at 3pm we start the Sunset Lodge Ceremony. Afterwards we eat something together.

There will be a donation based Medicine Wheel Training from 9 / 10 till 14:40.

Sunday - Sweatlodge Ceremony
On Sunday morning (8am ish) we will prepare to enter the Sunrise Lodge. After this Lodge, we first clean up together and end this mini retreat with sharing until about 3:00 PM.

The weekend ends after the last Sweatlodge Ceremony where we will close the weekend together. There is no indication of how long a hut will take, but you can assume that you can go home on Sunday around 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM.

♡ Location ♡
Welkom in Het Verre Oosten
Rijksstraatweg 2 Wijhe

You can spend the night in a separate room for up to 4 people, a double room / private room or come camping with your own tent. This is self-sufficient, so bring your own set of sheets and towels.

Tip: Put info@welkominhetverreoosten.nl in your contact person, so that the confirmation email does not end up in spam.

♡ Frequently asked questions ♡

Are we naked in the Lodge?
As in the tradition of the Lakota people with mixed Sweat Lodges for men and women, we enter the Lodge with our bathing suits (covered) on. Women used to enter with a beautiful dress, but swimwear is perfect.
Just what you feel comfortable with.

How many people are in the cabin?
This hut can accommodate approximately 30 people.

Can I come one night earlier?
Yes, that's possible. Then purchase a separate ticket, in addition to the ticket for the sweat lodge ceremony.

What is the cancellation policy?
The ceremony will take place with a maximum of 30 registrations. If you cancel up to 3 weeks in advance, you will receive a voucher for 100% of the amount, which you can use for a gathering that we organize at Het Verre Oosten ourselves. (You can find that on our Hipsy page) After that you will receive 50% of your ticket back in the form of a voucher. Unfortunately, we can no longer issue a voucher in case of cancellation within one week in advance of the start date.
If this gathering cannot take place due to national measures or other circumstances, it will be rescheduled to another location. You then have the choice whether to leave your registration or whether you want a refund.

Non-profit event
All the revenues from the tickets are to cover all costs such as organisation, location, travel expenses, lodge, Kristofer and so on. There's no profit being made, as we are proud and humbled to have Kristofer TwoFeathers over for this beautiful Ceremony.

Saturday 25 November 2023 om 0:00 tot Sunday 26 November 2023 om 15:00

Het Verre Oosten, Rijksstraatweg 2, 8131 PB Wijhe, Nederland

Over de organisatie

“Thuiskomen bij jezelf”

Vrijplaats voor connectie en creatie. Retreatcentrum met 23 bedden en mini camping midden in het groen in een dorp onder de rook van Zwolle.

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Wat een bijzondere avond. Uniek, een warme setting en heel fijn begeleid door Evelien en Mark. Prachtig afgewisseld met diverse soorten klankschalen, instrumenten en zang. Voor mij een fijn moment om meer contact met mijn lijf en binnenwereld te maken.

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Mannencirkel van Het Verre Oosten

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Cacao & Soundjourney @ Het Verre Oosten

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Sweatlodge Ceremony weekend with Kristofer Two Feathers

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